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A novel illustration. The girl's name is Sansa.
aegislee, it's for you~
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Before the giant stepped over the castle.
Wonderful work
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I must say that i like colors in this one. They dont match the book, but i like to think of it more like... snow girl (?) than Sansa. Other then that, im speechless... >_>
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Amazingly beautifull. Can u make her hair in this red?
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Came here because of the Westeros wiki page! This work is AMAZING!
I love the colours and the shadows!
Truly amazing!
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You capture this moment perfectly. I love Sansa, and I love this illustration~ 
Beautiful! This is one of my favourite scenes. It really sticks in my mind. You did such a great job with the snow.
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Picture is used on dandwiki, what an amazingly pretty drawing that I will now love forever.
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Beautiful. Captures the scene perfectly.
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the first time i seen this, I FELL IN LOVE.
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Even though I hate Sansa I love this picture
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I love this picture, this was one of my favorite parts in the book. Beautiful job!
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Will you ever offer this at a larger print size for sale? I'd love to buy it but 4x6 is so tiny. ):
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thanks~but we lost this size...
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Wow I just realized I commented before asking the same thing already LOL I don't even remember, well oh well. ]: Sorry haha.
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Oh little bird, your home looks so lovely. Brave little bird, dont forget how to fly. I absolutely adore this!
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I was reading the Wiki about Sansa once and near the end I see this picture, and that was when I simply fell in love with the character Sansa.
It's a gorgeous piece of work, be proud :)

May the Starks rise again!!
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Not a Sansa fan, but this is gorgeous.
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Are you going to offer more sizes for this in your print shop? I'd love to have one bigger than 4x6. So small, doesn't really capture this amazing picture. ):
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well, thanks for comment, but we lost the big size of this pic = =;
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So sorry, just now saw this reply, I didn't see it on my Deviant notices. Thank you for replying! Thats a shame.
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That's amazing! :heart:
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