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Propaganda of a game.

These are the works of two years ago, and now I can announce them.

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This really must have taken quite a lot of time to do. Each and every character is depicted with a unique personality and charisma. The colors... they are very vivid and dynamic and might I also say that you have managed to demonstrate them well. Another thing I would like to point out is the impression of motion in your work. It really makes me feel like these characters have life within them and they are not just simply posing in the image. I'm not even good at doing that but you've just captured so many things in here so magnificently I just had to take the time to tell you that.
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Amazing characters:D They are all very vivid
A brilliant work. I can appreciate the color scheme shift from left to right. It's a well done piece, deserving of praise and favoritism. But since I don't often come on here, I think maybe this one might just be my laptop background. You should be proud of your skill.
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Awesome character designs! :love: Congrats on your so many DD's!
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Are these original
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The characters are so awesome, especially their like-powers and costumes!
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omg your costumes1!!!!! Q______Q
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every character has life in them... although in the middle of being cartoonish and realistic., try adding a bit more variations to the faces. they seem to come form one big family... hope this helps in making your art better. I think it'd be more proper if I called you master... ^^
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Absolutely fabulous :V
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Awesome set of characters. :)
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Awesome characters, man!
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reminds me of jade dynasty or zhu xian online
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Amazing concepts!!
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Wonderful character design, it truly shows that you put a lot of effort into this. Every little detail, the colors you used, the way they're all done in the same style yet look different from each other. I especially like the girl in the far right, the man beside her with green "fire" in his hands and the man in yellow that seems to be walking towards the viewer (I'm not sure if the one next to him is his brother or something? They're the only ones who look similar).

Anyways, great job, my friend! :D :rose:
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I like how you arranged them all by color
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As far as technique is concerned I must say the characters are suburb. Great coloring, and a sense of action that flows from their athletic figures. BUT... as far as the concept and their facial (mostly) characteristics, they all look the same to me. They wear different colors but it seems like there is one character with different clothing (and sex of course...).Maybe if you varied their age (different ages for each of them, they look very young) and made their clothing different (they all wear infallible cloths, no tatters, all too majestic...). In my opinion, you should work on the background of each character a bit more... They all look like models in a Milan cat walk. I hope I didn't discourage you. You have the skills, it just needs a little more thinking to do, in terms of variety...
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Thank you for your comments.
I will be careful next time.
Amazing color, designs, and expressions! They really show a lot of personality! Very impressive!
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awesome work!!! Oo

just such a shame its not bigger... i'd love to see some more details...

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awesome works!!!
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