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the famous female general on Chinese history.

by AKI
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All hail one of the greatest woman fighters of all time! :w00t:
Wow. Look at her. If she was in Dynasty Warriors and/or Warriors Orochi, I'd play her everyday. Amazing job. BTW, wouldn't you think she would be awesome with a sword?
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she reminds me of seung mina from soul calibur, btw, awesome art! :D
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Awesome! What program did you use?
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I like this. Well designed armour that offers protection but still shows the feminine form and isn't skimpy or revealing. Good job!
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thank you~~~
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dynasty warriors~ XD
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Amazing. Just amazing.
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I like that she doesn't look like the Mulan from Disney (although I loved that movie). :D Good job, good job.
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Because Mulan doesnt have an real official design, she is a historical character, not a Disney character^^
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Having Mulan in a Dynasty Warriors game would probably push me to buy a new one again. lol
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She looks both beautiful and warrior-like! Love it!
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looks like character art for a Soul Calibur game xD awesome
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Awesome. This looks like something straight from Dynasty Warriors (or the countless Koei spinoffs). :D
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how can she look so pretty when she is obviously attacking you with Killing intentions XD
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We are looking for artists for our FaceBook game that know and love Ancient History and Ancient cultures from the year 1 BC and older.

Paid Work!

Here are the details:[link]
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Whoa, this is amazing! The detail, the design, the coloring--every aspect of it is phenomenal! Great job!
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I like her expression, and pose, and hair...all of it actually.
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wow, this one is awesome :)
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