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Holy and more honor

For the Horder!

We not only play games.
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WOW¡¡¡ and WoW¡¡¡... lovely
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oh lalá

pour la horde!!
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beautiful, good composition.
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额……第一次见这图是在nga 楼主好久没出现了撒,原来是回老家结婚了么哈
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呃……结婚很久了 哈
Rosalind-WT's avatar
恭喜哦 羡慕嫉妒恨- -~
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wooow awesome colors, i have a question ?, do you draw first , then use your tablet or only use
the tablet.
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My life for the Horde!!
4everFantasyLover's avatar
hihi that woman looks like Zelda
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omg its rainin snot :D joke ^^; ;p good one
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oh my god....

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Aw man, the Horde are amazing. Too bad my main's an Alli...

This is amazing. And... I've always had a thing for blood elves, heehee~!
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I am also a WOW fan and this is an amazing drawing!Gratz.
But sory ............... FoR THe ALLiANCEEEE!!! :D
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Nice, wunderful done!
PhoenixFury666's avatar

lol lovely!!
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great wallpapar!
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omg dewd! This is one of the best pieces of Warcraft fanart I've ever seen. The colours, details, lighting, everything is yummy...
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Great coloring!!!:D
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The poses are a little stiff, but the lighting sure is pretty.
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