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female barbarians are the best!!! That's why i always choose to play as one... and Orcs, of course :nod:

Great piece!! :la:
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Impressive. What animal donated the bones that form the warrior woman's armor?
Whatever animal was stupid enough to get in her way
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That is very awesome!:D
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Love the colour scheme of the large cloth piece, very cool helm too (something I haven't quite seen before).
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It's cool how her weapon and armor are made out of bone.
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That's an awesome-looking axe! :D
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Flipping sweet. Very clean; excellent color scheme. Her top knot is sweet!
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muy logrado el concepto
Ignore that top part - internet didnt wanna show the comments mwaha
Most popular barbarian picture of all time and no comments?!

I really like the colours on the bone xD
awesome Barbarian, love the outfit, but her face looks a little too pretty and delicate for a savage warrior :P
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Hey AKI. We have 20 people on the team now. We would really like it if we could start talking as all our other artists(at least most of them) have been assigned roles. Anyhow go to [link] when you are online(its our chat)

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Hey Dude. Good job. I really like it. I have a team here of about 4 that are making an Online 3D Game. We need a few more artists and you look pretty good. For more info if your interested please post something on my Deviantart page or email us at (its volunteer work at the moment so you won't get paid until game publishment.

The VisionXtream Team
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This this this I like it!! Beautiful art.
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This is really beautiful. Great choice of outfit and I really like her stocky appearance. So many barbarian women are clothed in loin cloths and bikini tops in art with no apparent muscle mass to them in the least. This one really LOOKS like a barbarian.
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I liked so much the concept of clothing and bone protections. Great work!
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