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May 22, 2011
AFK by *akizhao

The suggester said: "The atmosphere in this wondrous fan art is so dreadful it takes my breath away!"
Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by rydi1689
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AFK for a long time...
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Ill asume that posing the buttocks on a tree like that would be quite uncomfortable, but man , cool artowrok!!! :)
lord-of-the-shadows1's avatar
I love the shading and colour tone nice work.
akizhao's avatar
akizhao's avatar
Marvillosa! Excelente!
BassMunkee's avatar
Ah ha! I thought I recognised the style - I have another one of yours in favourites somewhere.
I will be adding this one as well.
I love the feel of it, she is Awesomely realised and I love her pose - is insouciant a fitting descriptor...?
Also, everything else - colour, blending, the kind of blurred feel to it - gives it a great sense of dynamism.
Just great.
SubWolfSphere's avatar
very cool~ I love the color scheme of her outfit and armor
As if I needed another reason to keep the draenic race at the top of my favorite list. You are amazing. This is getting +'d.
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Nice work! Love WOW, Love Live~
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eldesertor's avatar
Lovely facial expresion!
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DaermonNashezbaernon's avatar
Great Pic! But AFK from what game?! ;D
I like EQ2 myself ;p
CorleoneRage's avatar
When i'm AFK for that long ...a.Have been mauled by a near by npc or b. have been jumped by an ally.
Ubermonster's avatar
Aft for a long time. .. That's funny
antizionist2's avatar
so lovley!is it about warcraft or wow or not??
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