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[Walking down the aisle] Jumin

"People say you go alone if you want to go fast, and go together if you want to go far. 
I want to go far with you."

*If you're interested check out my others Mystic Messenger fan art:

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Thank you so much for stopping by. :'3
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do you use a wacom tablet? or do you use something different?

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Can i pay for one without watermark
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so beautifully rendered! ♥ 
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I love this so much ! You have a talent bro !
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Absolutely stunning. Incredibly beautiful colours.
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This is SO AMAZINGGG! Omg this really has captured Jumin-Han as an amazing person! I LOVE YOUR ART! Keep it up! 🤩💓💖
RosalieRyuichi's avatar
What a cutie 💖.
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He looks beautiful
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Your hands are truly blessed with the creation of beauty,  Thank you for this vision, I look forward to your Black & White Jumin.
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He looks like Tokiya Ichinose here
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Argh, he's so beautiful.  I am completely obsessed with Mystic Messenger in general, and Jumin in particular.
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Right?!  He's so good.  Yeah, holding you captive, I guess, but as Yoosung says, "no one's perfect!"  ;)
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Wait, is he going down the aisle with Zen? :P :P  

Great work btw 
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