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October 24, 2020
Demon by AkiZero1510
Featured by AlexanderPaupoff
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Demon #nezuko of #鬼滅の刃

Collaboration with Lumino Studio. Please do not use without permission.
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© 2020 - 2021 AkiZero1510
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hello friend I love your art is wonderful and beautiful. I would like to share it on youtube and I will give you the credits for your work friend ... Many Successes for you


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You're so good at drawing!

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The markings and the horns made her look even fiercer!!! <3

De dónde son ?

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=THIS IS ya boi maggot eating master ready for yet another REVIEW no.6867+=

So, this piece, like, ma good boi did a good boi job, reals, but! BUTT! i will not give up on being annoying so i will still critique it anyway!

First for the positives (and there are quite a lot) the energy is strong , character posing is dynamic and the picture has a sharp edge to it with is very pleasant.

The colors are also well chosen complementing the aggressive nature of the scene.

Anatomy is great and very dynamic as i mentioned before.

Lighting is also very well made here.

And now for the negatives.

There are only a few little issues i have with this, still, here they are:

Im not a very big fan of how the fingers on the left side were cut off, i just feel that seeing the hand whole would look much better.

Secondly i can always appreciate the way someone puts a lot of effort into detail BUT

ma man ma mister, you detailed the character good good, but then you went and also detailed the poopsies out of the background, as a result there is a lot going on in the scene, and our eye can't really have a rest anywhere, it also makes our character less readable so yee.


like... aw man why u do me like dis?

il giv it... *audience agresivly prepares the tomatoes*

7/10 now leave

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Demons are my favorite supernatural
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Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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If Shimono Hiro sees this...

He's gonna admire it and then call Akari "Nezuko".

No offence but it kind of looks like an OC from mha, lmao

Bruh its from demon slayer,lmfaooo

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Intense colors and details!

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