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Hi-res Interior General Tileset

I previously posted this set on RelicCastle-but now I've added even more stuff so I thought I'd better upload this set somewhere I can keep track of it (For if I add more. Someone please stop me.)

Anyway, onto this tileset:
Arrow left It is 32x32, so if you're making a pokemon game that is 16x16 doubled, please do not combine this set with your other tiles...(if you don't know the difference, you're probably working with 16x16 :wink: rvmp )
Arrow left This set is free to use in non-commercial projects, and there's no need to ask for permission as long as you remember to credit me, Akizakura16. If your game is free but you/your team has a Patreon, sells merchandise, makes money off ads, or accepts donations, I consider that to be making money and you're not allowed to use my work.
Arrow left Yes, please edit it as you wish, I intend this to be a base
Arrow left You don't have to ask permission but please do credit me somehow, and Shiney, because certain floors in this set came from one of Shiney's rips (I only added shadows)
Arrow left I would Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use)love love loveBeating Heart Emote (Free to Use)  it if you commented here with a link to something you made with this set

If you're wondering what the difference is between this and the previous one posted on RelicCastle: I thought, "You know what this set needs? A TV." And now there are seven TVs, plus other objects, walls, and floors.

Arrow down Update Log Arrow down 
August 28, 2016 Update: I was putting this off because I didn't think I'd made enough new content yet, but now I've been distracted and just want to get it out before I forget. I've added more walls, windows, and floors, there's a couple new chairs, and now there are counters.

March 30, 2016 Update: Completely overhauled the couches and walls +added more +1 new floor; I hope this update makes it easier to map with.

March 18, 2016 Update: Added indoor fences, some design variety, fixed up or replaced some things so they're a bit more proportional. I've been testing a lot more so hopefully from here on everything will be more proportional and consistent. Note: I do not save old copies of this set, and I'm sorry if my updates aren't easy to add to your existing copy. I'm just posting my workspace here as I go, so new tiles are put wherever they make the most sense for me to keep track of what I've done.

March 6, 2016 Update: Added beds, bookcases, vending machines, doors with stairs, a bunch of small decorative items and things that hang on walls, plus improved some existing tiles.

February 17, 2016 Update: Added some doorways, a new wall, rugs for some reason, and windows are now a less depressing color.
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hi! i am new on this things and i wanted to ask if the credit is only for shiney and you or i have to put another author?PD=incredible tilesets!!!,they are just so cool

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No one else worked on this set, so it's just me and Shiney570! And thanks, I'm glad you like it!cute blush

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They are so lovely HeartLove
I would love to make a game with those indoor tileset
but with big Hi-res overworld character sprites that are for rmxp?
if you know where I can find that, I would be glad if you could tell me,
and I'll credit you in my game, thank you in advance :) (Smile) 
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Thanks I'm glad you like the set!cute blush

I don't know any sources for sprites though, sorry.

Hello, this is very great but can I use this with HGSS style sprites ?
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You could try it out but I think the scale would be pretty off for HGSS sprites [Cat Emote] Nervous 
Hello, can we use us this tileset for our project ?
Sorry for my english i'm french.
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Yeah, what kind of project are you working on?

I work on a pokemon project.
Hi there. Someone have a image with examples, like a bedroom? Ty
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Yeah, I actually have an old example of a bedroom that I was testing with:
So Im using RPG Maker XP And I wanna add this to the default gen 3 tilesets. Could you pls tell me how I could do that??
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Here, I think this tutorial should explain how to add a new set.
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Akizakura16 Can you make a 48X48 Tileset version for RPG Maker MV?
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Sorry, I don't think I'll be working with those dimensions anytime soon.
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Woah! This is so good
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I really LOVE it! *scream* Maruno should really put this tileset in vanilla Essentials! hopefully in the next update already! still I will try to find space to put all of these! and substitute the floors and walls! They look like X & Y! O_O
Akizakura16's avatar
Oh geez I don't think this'll ever be in the default Essentials kit Nana 
But I'm glad you like it, thanks!
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Thanks! Hey I saw you thought there could be a few more tiles in this set, can you tell me what ones?
I wanna do another update sometime if I can get enough new tiles done.
A mansion building tile I can't find one that I like that's in this style.
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I love this tileset, but it lacks several components from the original Interior tileset that I'd really like to have access to. Also, the walls feel too different from the originals and I'd like to see some based off said originals. Otherwise, keep up the work, I'm always checking for updates.
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Thanks for the kind words!
Can you tell me what components exactly are missing? I'm not trying to recreate the "original Interior tileset" (not entirely sure what that is actually) but I'd love to know what you think I should add next! I'll look into adding more types of walls too. Big Grin 
yakky1's avatar…
This link should bring you to the tileset I just posted. This is the basic "interior tileset" that comes with Pokemon Essentials. It should give you a pretty fair idea of what I'm talking about. In addition to this one, there are a few separate tilesets that are for indoor use that aren't a part of this tileset. Such examples include the "Graveyard Tower Interior", "Gyms Interior", and "Ruins Interior".
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