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ToDA: Leer Vertiner App



finished the ToDevotia app~
his name is almost on purpose, but the Vertiner is out of random XD
if there's anything I should edit here, please tell me :)
[UPDATED on some details]
[UPDATED the app art]

Name: Leer Vertiner
Age: 21
Current Level: 15
Race: Half-Elven, Half-Krilaty (Krilaty beast is a silver fox)
Gender: Male
Height: 181 cm
Place of Birth: Altair, Hane, Nidus
Current residence: travels around anywhere
Class: Ninja
Weapon of choice: Sword/ dagger
Element: Darkness (does not use a Cavea-Sveltis)

Artes list:
- Mirage
- Dark Cloud
- Moonlight Raven
- Shadow Blade
- Silent Reaper

- Raptor's Prey
- Shadow Edge

Basic information:
Leer is is a quiet person, prefers to be alone, but doesn't mind if he's in the company of a large crowd. He looks mean and dangerous, but he's actually socially awkward, not having the right mind to hold a decent conversation for more than two minutes, with the exception of his companion, Zev (it's a dog...), who also serves as Leer's guardian. Once you get to know him, he's a kind, childish guy. He doesn't particularly hate talking, but he prefers to keep his thoughts in his head. He dislikes talking about touchy subjects, especially if he or the other is uncomfortable with it. 

He likes helping people, because he doesn't like to see others getting a hard time. When having difficulties finding for solutions, he gets frustrated at himself. He is also easily flattered, since he does not get compliments often. He'd often use his tail to hide his embarrassment or his face when he is blushing.

In contrast to his childish attitude, he gets extremely serious in battle. He relies on his skills and intuition when dealing with enemies he has not experienced fighting against, and his ability to pick up information when faced with an enemy he has a hard time dealing with. He only fights when he deems it necessary, and hates conflicts that have no meaning.

Leer is also the curious type that gets absorbed into anything he has taken interest in, most probably because of his Elven blood that naturally strives for knowledge. He also values the importance and beauty of everything, most significantly the goodness inside everyone (even if most people would judge by his looks). He sees everyone equally, and believes that his friends will always be friends, even if they are considered and enemy or evil, he believes in his own ideals.

Leer was born in Altair, from his Krilaty father, Edral, and Elf mother, Raiwyn. A year after his birth, when the Cavea-Sveltis incident occurred, his mother was driven away from Altair, and never seen since then. Edral was left to take care of his son and taught him how to use magic and swordplay. When he was 7, Leer found a wild dog injured and caught in a monster trap as he and his father were traveling to Miyagi. The dog was initially hostile against anyone, even to Leer who tended to the animal while it was injured, much to his dismay, and later named the dog Zev. When they begin to understand each other, the first thing they do is to argue with trivial things, and always ends up having Zev as the winner (with Edral chuckling in the sidelines). Edral left the two in Miyagi, when Leer was 12, in the care of an unnamed master. One time, Leer wanted to go with his father and escaped from the temple. He found himself ambushed by a group of monsters he could not defeat at the lack of experience. He was saved by Zev in the nick of time, who also said to him that his selfishness would end up paying with his life when he could continue helping others just like how he helped Zev when he was injured. Since then, he started helping others when they need it. 

In his teenage years, he trained to raise his speed to keep up with the lack of power. When he thought his speed won't be enough, he made an additional feature to his sword that makes him able to throw it as a projectile and pull it back. He trained with this weapon along with his hobby of hunting (and failed a few times and ended up not having to eat for some time, until his master gave him something to eat). He hunts to learn how to be independent and be able to survive on his own, and to help the others in the temple so that they could have something to eat while they are busy with training. As the years went by, his father has not yet returned from his quest to find Raiwyn.

After knowing that there's nothing left for him to do there, he set out to the world with Zev to search for answers and help others. However, he gets sidetracked as he gets immersed into whatever trouble he gets in.

Miscellaneous Info:
  • Leer behaves similarly to a fox, as his design is based on one. With this, he is also afraid of lynxes and wolves (he'd rather run).
  • He likes his tail very much (it's actually very silky). He hugs it when he sleeps.
  • He can show and retract his nails on his right hand, but does not use it for fighting.
  • He's left-handed. He can pull his weapon with either hands but only uses his left when handling the sword.
  • You can as much see his emotions with his ears and tail. His ears twitch when he senses something, lower when he's sad, etc. His tail swishes when he's excited, stands still when serious.
  • His favorite food is a kind of berries found on cliffs or near mountains.
  • He doesn't use a Cavea-Sveltis, because his father taught him to rely on his own strengths and abilities. So much more because he gets headaches when he's very near to them, but does not know why (as another part of his Krialty blood).
  • He's shown to be good at cooking.
  • His Japanese voice actor would be Kenji Nojima.

"... I don't want to fight you... I don't see why I have to fight when there is nothing both parties shall gain..."
"... Is there no other way? Then, I'll find for one..."
"... I don't care if you think he's evil or not... What matters to me is that I believe I can trust him and he can trust me, and that we're friends of each other..."
"... I'll have to do everything I can... If I don't do anything, nothing will happen..."

Battle Quotes:
Enter Battle (Normal): "... let's go..."
Enter Battle (Weak Enemy): "... we shouldn't fight the weak..."
Enter Battle (Strong Enemy): "... don't underestimate them..."
Enter Battle (Boss): "... I... need to win..."
Use Item: "... here..."
Revives Party Member: "... can you stand?"
Dies in Battle: "... ugh... sorry... I..."
Revived: "... it's... not over yet..."
Victory: "... it's over..."
Victory (75%HP):  "... it wasn't bad..."
Victory (50%HP): "... I might have held back too much..."
Victory (25%HP): "... is everyone... okay?"

Edral Vertiner - Leer's Krilaty father. Unknown to Leer, Edral died in his search for Raiwyn a few years ago.
Raiwyn Terwol-Vertiner - Leer's Elf mother who went missing years ago. Her current status is unknown.
Zev - Servin as his guardian and hunting partner, Zev is usually seen with Leer travelling around and hunting. Through some odd connection, they seem to understand each other without speaking.
Denziel - A mysterious man who claims to be Leer's older brother. They aren't in very good terms, but Leer seems to be curious about Denziel, since he's been hinting a few ideas about Leer's parents.
Auri - Leer sees Auri as a little sister. He met her sometime ago while hunting, and he proceeded to help her.
Amber - Leer met Amber in a quest. He thinks of her as a friend.

I had a hard time with this, only with a touchpad (I have no mouse T.T) and Photoshop CS3 (I can't use my CS6), but I like how it came out :D only that I was too tired to finish coloring the skit faces

oh, and here's an image of his mother, Raiwyn

NEW: new status image I'll be updating this with
NEW: preview for revised app

Leer Vertiner belongs to me
Tales of Devotia belongs to those awesome people who made the group TalesofDevotia :D
Tales of series belong to Bamco
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Welcome to Devotia! He looks great, I can't wait to see you in the group, let me know if you ever want to rp! \ o /