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2003-2019 Improvement Meme


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2003-2019 Improvement Meme


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2003-2019 Improvement Meme


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Lusternia: The Road Ahead


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Otherside OCT: Peanut and SeekerPsycho

Otherside OCT

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Pokemon: Rymesona


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Lusternia: August Artisinal

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GoFigure: Buddha

Walking City OCT

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DND: Desiderata


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AE: Unfinished Business

Sanctum OCT

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Valentine's 2015: Fool And the Oracle

The Tower OCT, 2012

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Reference: Dragons

Vanity of Idols OCT, 2010

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AkitheFrivolicious' Summary of Art: 2017

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Nightfall on Halloween

School and Work

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They say nothing good last forever. Inevitability just sucks. It is like a really good game of Solitaire. When you near the end, When you just have a handful of cards remaining, And you realize … That one card you need is the one that is sitting right there, Right under the damned Queen of Spades. And there’s no saving it. You rue the last six minutes spent trying to win, And hit ‘deal’ to start over. Or you just get up and walk away. It is like a day spent on the beach, Or a vacation with your family, Or a day spent hiking with a friend, Or talking on the phone to someone you love, Someone you miss. The


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My Sweetling

Sketches and Misc

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GoFigure: Buddha

Go Figure

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Eevee Evolutions


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