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Nexus Clash: Wyrm Master

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The third batch of class portrait commissions for Nexus Clash. As they're posted to the game's Wiki page I'll be posting them here.

Holy cheese and crackers Batman. I'm finding that the more I do these pictures, the more experience I'm getting, and my fiance keeps telling me that I'm getting better with each picture. That's a flattering thing to say. Finally, definitely, having a lot of fun with these, though I'm remiss to say I won't have them all done within the timeline I originally hoped for... Presenting the first of the Petmasters classes, the chaotic Wyrm Master. Can I just say the instructions were to be chaotic, and chaotic is what I did;; 

The icons were designed for the game by the talented user glukowze, known as Dissident on the forums

More to come! Be sure to check out the game and give these guys a lot of support! 

Other Petmaster Classes: 
Lightspeaker: Nexus Clash: Lightspeaker by AkitheFrivolicious
The Lich: Nexus Clash: The Lich by AkitheFrivolicious

Character & Class (c) Nexus Clash
Art (c) AkitheFrivolicious 
Icon (c) glukowze aka Dissident

Please do not repost or edit this picture without my permission.
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Well he's not winning any beauty contests...