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Nexus Clash: Dark Oppressor

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Hello, everyone!

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been and why I haven't been posting more art. But the fact of the matter is, I recently landed an awesome opportunity doing the class portraits for a blooming online game called Nexus Clash. They're commissioning me full time to work on these, and I've dedicated almost all of my work hours (and several extras after that) to getting these batches of characters done. 27 in total, with 3 done and another one with finished lineart. As they're posted to the game's Wiki page I'll be posting them here.

It's been a huge honor. And so without further ado I'd like to present the first image of the Chaotic/Evil Support Spellcaster classes, the Dark Oppressor.

The icons were also designed for the game by the talented user glukowze, known as Dissident on the forums. I think he did a fantastic job on each and every one of them.

More to come! Be sure to check out the game and give these guys a lot of support!

Other Support Spellcaster classes:
Advocate: Nexus Clash: Advocate by AkitheFrivolicious
Conduit: Nexus Clash: Conduit by AkitheFrivolicious

Character & Class (c) Nexus Clash
Art & Composition (c) AkitheFrivolicious
Icon (c) glukowze akaDissident

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wow congrats on the job!! i love how his wings look like they're forming from dark matter or something <3
AkitheFrivolicious's avatar
Everyone insisted he have a significant 'aura' C: Aura got. 
Aus224's avatar
Always knew CEO's were out for your soul. Congrats on the deal.
ExileWrath's avatar
Oh my gosh, grats on landing this deal : D this game also sounds pretty fun, I'm going to have to check it out sometime
Lumavah's avatar
Lookin great! Looking forward to more!
Yuriakashu's avatar
That's awesome!  : D  Good job!
AkitheFrivolicious's avatar
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