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Nexus Clash: Cover Art



Hello, everyone!

It's been almost 2 years since I first started working on the Character Art project for Nexus Clash. A mix-up between the original commission agreements and my inability to do math right left me with one final project for these fine folks: new cover art for their website.

After countless hours and huge delays from my work laptop, the piece was finally finished a few weeks ago and I was given the go-ahead to share! 
It's been a huge honor to work on this, and I'm both happy and sad it's completed.  

Check out the 
game's Wiki page for more information and be sure to give them lots of support!

Featured Classes

Infernal Behemoth:  Nexus Clash: Infernal Behemoth by AkitheFrivolicious Archon:  Nexus Clash: Archon by AkitheFrivolicious Elementalist:  Nexus Clash: Elementalist by AkitheFrivolicious

Character & Class (c) Nexus Clash
Art & Composition (c) AkitheFrivolicious

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