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Nexus Clash: Corruptor

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The fifth batch of class portrait commissions for Nexus Clash. As they're posted to the game's Wiki page I'll be posting them here.

Gosh. Golly gosh. This was my absolute favorite class to work on. I loved the character ideas everybody in the forum came up with, I loved all the suggestions I got, and I just LOVED drawing the characters for this group. This one is up there with the Tank classes as far as art goes (and how dang happy I am at how they turned out). Without further ado, I'd be honored to reveal the first of the Warmages class, the Corruptor. You may recognize the little sprites from the Lightspeaker image here, turned into Hellsprites because they can do that.

The icons were designed for the game by the talented user glukowze, known as Dissident on the forums

More to come! Be sure to check out the game and give these guys a lot of support! 

Other Warmage Classes: 
Archon: Nexus Clash: Archon by AkitheFrivolicious
Wizard: Nexus Clash: Wizard by AkitheFrivolicious

Character & Class (c) Nexus Clash
Art (c) AkitheFrivolicious 
Icon (c) glukowze aka Dissident
Red Smoke (c) NEYNE-BLOMMA 

Please do not repost or edit this picture without my permission.

(I am soooo happy with her hair and her sequins gosh)
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Wow, fantastic work! Would love one of these for my Corrupter alt... Do you do any commissions??