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after the Battle Tauriel cut her hair and left Mirkwood to travel the world
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I was so sad when Kili died in front of Tauriel. She deserv this own serie after the hobbit...Amazon make their serie please. ''Tauriel Middle Earth North Adventures''.
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'I must now become an Adventurer and make my fans proud!" Heart 
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My headcanon exactly, how did you know?
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I love it,verry god.
Gutes bild, von sowohl der landschaft, als auch der Kleidung und der Bewaffnung.
Ein nette Details sind die Rundfiebel für den Mantel und die Verziehrungen am Bogen, Köcher und der Kleidung.
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That would be an interesting choice for her to make! Now if only Tolkien had actually done it...

Great work!
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Oh you know it would be an interesting way to extend certain things. Kinda like a 'where they are now' sort of thing.
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This is just the best. Absolutely love it QwQ
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she's gorgeous, and so is the landscape, the colour of the skies, the clothes... *^* love the details on the bow and the quiver !
ps: that's a sexy dress 8D
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haha yesss thanks XD
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