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GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

I decided to do another. Actually, I decided a year or two ago, but I never got around to doing it. This pack is significantly smaller than the first, housing only ten to the first's twenty, but they're made mostly to compliment the others: nearly every brush in this pack is rather large compared to the first, and are more anti-aliased.

If you're wondering, I did the image using entirely the ten brushes (aside from the obvious). For the hell of it, because I'm on winter break from college and am bored out of my mind.

Update: For clarification---and I should have done this long ago--I don't care how these brushes are used, in what images you use them in, or if you've printed them out or hung them on your wall or for use as toilet paper; however, if you plan to place these on your website, please give credit where credit is due (a link to my website [link] is fine, or a link to my Deviant Art page).

Otherwise, have at it.
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Hey chief, the download link is broken, could you kindly post a new download link? Thanks.

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I was able to download it just fine when I tried just now--perhaps Deviant Art's servers were having issues at the time?

Then again, this comment is from two months ago...

Great share, thank you !

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may i use in image for polish site? an element of site like small banner, ~200x100px
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Brushes is really not easy to make..You are good akisu-sama .
why does my brushes have a gbr   at the end   I cannot open in gimp and I don't know how to fix it

Thank you
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I used your brush set. While it's on my DA page, it may wind up on an external art site.
In any case, credit is due, for without these wondrous brushes I would be lost. I thank you kindly.
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Appears the link is now broken. :(
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Should be working now c:
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The link doesn't work. 403 Forbidden.
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Looks Great.
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thank you I give your Da credit
great brushes, cheers!
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Thanks, these are noice
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these are nice brushes ^.^ I will totally will use them soon!
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These are some nice brushes ^^
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