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I was having a very good weekend.
Got 50 dollars in the mail, purchased a dollar scratch-it lottery ticket and won 10 more dollars from that,
had a lovely time with my roommate and his girlfriend,
and someone got me a beautiful Michael Myers mask. My homework was even getting done...

I woke up today and randomly started to vomit air (glad that's over)
Just when I thought that nothing else bad could happen, my memory stick crashed.
wiping out ALL of my digital art,
scanned drawings, personal photos of family,
and whatever school work from last quarter.

All 8GB of it, gone.
I haven't been taking it too well.

(Sorry about the vent)
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D: <-- my face when reading this.
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Shane, for school work don't worry if you can't find it. For your portfolio later down the road, you may not even need it if it's first quarter work.
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Yeah, I just wanted to keep it all.
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Oh, I see. Sorry to hear that.