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Ain't it kyoot?

Love these things. Can't wait to get Minecraft ^^
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I LOVE this lil' guy! My 9-year old is obsessed with Minecraft. I hope you don't mind that I used the picture for a cupcake topper. I linked you to the blog post I created about the treat.

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Oh WOW, those are so cool!!! Glad it turned out! :D
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I love minecraft , but hate creepers ... but how much harm could this one do? :P
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haha, yeah. Just find a way to make them not blow up, then you can finally enjoy their company ^^
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Mind if I use this for my website? I adore it :)
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Of course ^^
Just had to add signature, cuz once pics get outside the borders of dA, there's no telling who would nab it as their own.

When you put it up, link me to your site so I can see what you did with it :meow:
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Awesome thanks! I'm in the process of designing a forum theme around Minecraft currently for my gaming community. I stopped looking for well drawn Minecraft characters once I saw this hah, you should do the pigs/chickens/cows too :D I really enjoy this style a lot.

Oh and my current progress on the website is here [link] if you wanted to check it out :)

Again, thanks a ton for allowing me to us this!
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Love it! If it's not too much trouble, could ya swap that creeper with the one I have here now (with the signature)?
I'm sure you understand; recently someone's ripped off my art,
and I'd like you to help me prevent someone from stealing it from your site as well.
If it's a hassle then don't; I know how stubborn html can be :P

Thanks, and very good job! You utilized it perfectly! :D
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Sure no problem, I recently switched the image from GIF to PNG due to tearing around the edges of the creeper heh. I just updated it not long ago and it looks damn good, everyone loves it!
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I love when people bitch about not knowing what something is on Minecraft! I'm getting it as soon as my new bank card comes in the mail! I'm excited ♥
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What I meant was the full version. I know all too well what these trolls are lol
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That's what I thought~ :3
From what I herd, there plenty of things that troll the hell out of you lol, like those guys!
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But these are the only ones who like to annihilate everything you create, but I think they'll be fun. People just need to build their crap higher away from them lol
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They just need to deal with it form what I can see.
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