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Medabots XD

By akisame
For Catherine's birthday~

MEDAAABOTSsssuu XD! ahaha this anime was great..although I never saw all of it XD;;;

right to left (humans): Koji, Karin, Ikki and Erika
right to left (medabots): Neutranurse, Brass, Medabee

I like how Koji came out ..XD; although the rest is messed up..

uh..I think Medabee only had an eggplant fear in the manga though ._.;

... so blurry ^^;;
It scanned badly.. *kicks scanner*
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good times 4 this cartoon.
dragonoid419's avatar
Where is Sumilidon?
smygba's avatar

Pink and Cyan are so out of season. ¬_¬
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*looks at anime screenshots*
Oh yeah, it's pink isn't it O<>O;;; OTL
I was using the manga for reference and in that her clothes are yellow and green |D at least on volume 2-3's cover..
Sorry for the confusion! ;;;
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smygba's avatar
Pink and Cyan in the game too.
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Adorableness alert! :) they look so CUTE!
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Loved that series! Hey, Koji isn't squinting this time, LOL!

Very nicely done, COOL!
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I love medabots!!! Very nice drawing you have there :p
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I can't believe you scraped this, it looks so good. D: I admire your great use of..markers, I think?
blackbeardpirate's avatar
ooh, that looks cool! Man, scanning watercolors always comes out blurry for me. I hate that. This scanned well, little blurry near the center. You just rock.
shany's avatar
metabots was an awesome anime. <333
hehe. I love Koji. <333
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I remmebre Megabots I saw that cartoon, I heard it was good unfortutenely I got the bad end of the stick with horrible translation. Great picture though but a bit on the blurry side.
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Eeeee! omg so cool!!! XD Haha I never watched all of Medabots either, but this brings back a lot of memories. ^__^; I love Ikki's eyes!!!
Yurameki's avatar
kawaii!!!!!! XDD<3
00kaira00's avatar
aww....cho kawaii >.<
Sachiko-San's avatar
Man I miss that show - I loved Samantha and her gang xD
Loverly piccu *w*
scott-dark-firaga's avatar
like OMG! i haven't seen medabots in ages, great pic ^_^
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