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Flight Rising: the diplomacy of children
Sun on the water, seaweed falling over the backs of dragons. My father put his head down and stirred the mud with his horn. Sluggish fish, scared into action. His left forepaw, the one that had been sitting still in the mud for many heartbeats, rose up and caught the fish so fast and easily it could have been made of mud instead of flesh and bone; a rivulet of blood snaked through the water.
Good! Joy! I jumped around the shoreline, sending up silver splashes, overjoyed with the prospect of eating well tonight. My mother already had a pile of fish on the shore, some flapping their tails weakly against the hummock of grass we'd used to mark them as ours. Other ridgeback dragons stood on the shore or waded all up and down the length of the river, the largest and most senior at the top where the fish wouldn't suspect, from the smell of blood and the large shadows, that a hunting group had picked this spot. My uncle, his green skin almost black with age, headed our group.
My father hissed
:iconnemonus:Nemonus 11 9
Flight Rising: Life of the Young
            Mazi was curled up at the side of her brother, fast asleep. Her four eyes on the other hand were wide, the young mirror dragon’s eyes followed the flight of a hummingbird sprite as it darted into their cavern then out again. Mazi lifted her head to better track its flight but it quickly vanished, flying back up and out of the cavern’s gap, hidden behind hanging moss. The two dracling’s mother had left before sunlight had come into the cavern and had yet to return. Mazi crawled away from her brother and toward the overhead cavern entrance, she’d yet to master flying but that wasn’t about to stop her from trying to follow the sprite. She waggled her tail as she crouched low and jumped, her pale yellow wings flapping furiously in an attempt to gain height and make it to the lip of the entrance.
            A mewl from behind her caugh
:iconziriuel:Ziriuel 5 5
Dragons and Beasties by BlueWolfRen Dragons and Beasties :iconbluewolfren:BlueWolfRen 135 18
Flight Rising, A Riddle
The ruins were so much a part of the landscape that most dragons didn't even see them. Etta hovered calmly, her eyes glued to the indecipherable runes. Traveling wasn't much encouraged among her family. Many of them thought it was too dangerous, and everyone else agreed that there was nothing outside of their home caves in the Sunbeam Ruins. When you were only as big as a Blackwing hummingbird, you had to be careful.
Making sure the runes were fixed in her mind for later, Etta darted away from the column and back towards her base. It was always dark in the Tangled Wood, when it wasn't pitch black. And she had seen pitch; it bubbled all over the place in Ashfall. She let such thoughts simmer in her head, frills flickering slightly in the breeze from her flight. She let a few notes hum out, throat vibrating. She'd found some nearly intact sentences, she thought. It was hard to tell, with the old writing.
A sudden shadow, too swift for movement, and she was pinned. Her happy hum turned to
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