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Wolf Plush Pattern



This is the pattern I used for my Ookami plush.

I hope it's pretty clear, but if it's not, go ahead and ask away! I'll answer to the best of my capabilities. xD;
Anyways, this is free for you to use, just please give me credit, and note me when you're finished. I wanna see!
Oh, and to print this, open it in Photoshop, then select edit>;print preview, and under "Scaled Print Size," check "Scale Fit to Media". It should work without stretching the image =3.
At least I hope o_o"

As a tip though, sew this very carefully! Especially on the head/snout area, since that will directly influence how well the head is shaped once you turn it right side out.

Edit: I just tried printing it, and it does end up being a little smaller than my originals, but only by about 1/8-1/2 an inch, so you should be okay =D

Edit2: I've gotten this question, so let me state this clearly. I don't mind if you use my pattern, alter it, etc. Just give me a little note of credit if you're posting it somewhere.
And please DO NOT sell plush made from my pattern D'8. It's not fair to me xD;; Now, if you have editted the pattern so heavily that it barely resembles mine anymore, then you can use it for commercial purposes (like if you've made my pattern into.. I dunno... a dinosaur? Where it's totally different from the original canine pattern). If you're not sure if your new pattern is different enough from mine, give me a note, and I'll take a look at it =3.
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