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Sticker Wolves Lineart



Some of you expressed interest in making you own sticker wolves, so I'm uploading the lineart for you n_n
You may color them and print them out as you wish, but if you're going to post them anywhere, I ask that either my name is on the image or you give me credit in the description.
[Edit: July 24, 2010] Please do NOT use these for point adoptables! It's not fair for you to make money off my work!
[Edit: June 13, 2011] YES. You CAN use these as FREE adoptables. READ PREVIOUS COMMENTS BEFORE ASKING. I swear I answer the SAME question every other day! NOW IT'S IN THE ARTIST COMMENTS, SO YOU CAN STOP REPEATING THE SAME QUESTION.
I am going to say "no" to the next person who asks, just out of spite.

The top four are finished- the lineart is ready te be colored. The bottom three, the lineart's still a bit rough, so you're going to need to smooth it out a bit. The bottom one was also going off the edge of the paper, so that's why the lineart on his feet are a bit flat. (I rounded them a bit, but didn't feel like spending a long time on it)

Download for the full-sized image. It's 3053 x 4404 pixels, so it's big. But I find it easiest to work (at least in Photoshop) with really big images. And they can always be shrank to a more manageable size.
If you just want to look at the image, full view, 'cause it's a manageable 600 pixels wide xD;
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