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Sticker Wolf-Running



I put this in a... different category than my Christmas stickers for a few reasons.
First, those were more art than actual stickers (nicely shaded, intricate, and, more importantly, hard to cut out xD), yet this was created with the idea of "simplistic, easy to cut out." And it isn't anyone's character. I colored it at random xD
Since they were done with application more in mind than art, I figured they should go in "designs," but I was sad to see there weren't any sections for stickers :C (buttons though xD; )

I have 6 more in this style, and they're for a friend's birthday. (Her party is Saturday. Her birthday is actually a day before mine xD; ) She doesn't have any "characters" that I know of, so they're just gonna be generic wolves.
Let's see if I can finish them all xD

Once I've finished them, I'll probably upload the linarts, so you can do your own characters as uber-chibis xD
And if anyone really wants to make this guy a character, draw a picture of him then note me, and he's your's. ;D (not sure why you'd want such a boring character though...)
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Pleeeease can you sell me stickers of them?