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Orbital Station

Some quick space 
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Just impressed by the level and realistic attention to detail. Very nice.

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Technologies of the future, before which the most advanced achievements of our time pale. Cities of the future, covering the entire planet and penetrating deep into the crust. It's so exciting to explore the worlds you've created.
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Great! The light is very well rendered Thumbs Up 
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This looks so epic. I like the tiny space shuttle illustrating the huge scale of the station :)
And the reflection of the sun on the planet is fabulous.
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wow there are alot of great details on the station, did you use a photo ref or was that just freestyled?
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The detail...incredible
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So detailed.... *head falls off*
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Inspirational  :la: choir 
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This is so great in many ways!
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it looks moe like an interplanetary ship then a station, never the less a very good artwork :)
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very nice - excellent work, well done! :-)
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Glass Globe Spaaaaace.

Awesome work!
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Fantastic work.
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Instead of a quote, i'll just show link this video for the lulz:…
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Awesome Artwork ! :D
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Bootyful. Great job. ^^
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