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[a/n:I don’t really like Aomine, but I wanted to write it haha. Enjoy~]

Scratch my back~ One Shot

„Hey” you poked his chick. „Pay some attention to me~”. Your boyfriend was currently lying on your bed probably sleeping. You were supposed to study for exams at your house today, but he just lied down right away and closed his eyes. You studied on your own at first, but it was too boring. So you decided to tease him instead.

„Hey Ahomine~” you were poking his stomach right now, but it didn’t help either. You sighed and gave up. You sat down on the floor defeated. „My own boyfriend is ignoring me” you mumbled annoyed and got up. You slowly walked to the window and looked outside. ‚So boring, everything is so peaceful…’ you thought and turned around. You studied Aomine’s peaceful face and suddenly smiled gently. Maybe he was an idiot, but at least he was your idiot. A giggle escaped your lips. You just came up with an awesome idea. You started running back to your bed and when you reached it, you jumped and perfectly landed on your sleeping beauty. He woke up right away.

„What the hell just happened?!” he shouted. He didn’t know what was going on. You laughed cheerfully.

„You finally woke up!” you grinned. „I’m bored~”.

Aomine rubbed his eyes and yawned.

„Oh, it’s just you. I’m going back to sleep” he mumbled and turned on his side making you fall down from him. You hit the ground, which was kind of painful, but words: ‚it’s just you’ hurt more.

„So mean!” you bit your lower lip. „We were supposed to study~”.

„I’m tired” he simply replied. „Let me sleep”.

You were now facing his back. You slowly raised your hand and started scratching it. (a/n: Come one everyone likes that :P Or at least I do ^^). Suddenly you heard a strange noise. Like someone was purring…? You stopped and looked around confused. ‚What made such a cute noise?’ you thought.

„Don’t stop” Aomine spoke up. „It feels nice”. You opened your eyes in disbelief. Aomine saying something like that…? You couldn’t believe it.

„Sure…” you just responded instead and continued scratching his back. He purred again. You giggled cheerfully and added another hand. (a/n: Roksi what the hell haha). He was now fully awake.

„(Y/n)…” he whispered all of sudden. „Come here and cuddle with me~” he said huskily. You smiled brightly and jumped over him and lied down. Now you were facing his smirked face.

He hugged you to his chest and ran fingers through your silky (h/c) hair. You gladly buried your face in his warm form.

„But I didn’t say ‚Stop scratching’” he remarked. You chuckled and put your left hand on his back. You decided to tease him a little so your hand was traveling up and down his back very gently. He groaned.

„Come on (Y/n)-chan… Don’t tease~” he kissed your ear. You slowly begun to scratch again „Mmmmm…” a soft purr left his lips.

„I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff” you playfully remarked. He just giggled in response.

„You don’t know about a lot of stuff I’m into~” he sly answered. You blushed and lightly hit his arm.

„Pervert” you commented.

„But you love me anyways” he said and kissed you. „Now scratch under left shoulder~”.

When you followed his request his back cambered his back into an arc.

„Yesss exactly right here~” he moaned and hugged you even tighter.

~Time skip~ Next day at school

You moved your (e/c) eyes all around looking for familiar blue-head. But Aomine was nowhere to be seen. He disappeared right after the bell rang. You felt a little sad. After all yesterday’s scratching you hoped that he would like to (at least) talk to you. You walked over to Momoi and cheerfully greeted her.

„Chii-chan!” she happily hugged you. You sighed quietly. She called you like that ever since you and Aomine had started dating. „How’s life?” she asked when she finally realised you from her arms.

„Well Aomine keeps ignoring me today -.-`” you pouted. „But yesterday he was more talkative and lovely-dovely than usual” you recalled. Momoi gave you an amazed look.

„How’s that possible?” she asked curiously. You smirked.

„Let’s say that I have a special trick which gets his attention immediately” you answered. Momoi hid her face behind her hands.

”Oh Chii-chan I didn’t know you from that perverted side~” she raised her eyebraws. You blushed when you understood how ambiguously it had sounded.

„I didn’t mean anything like that!” you looked away still blushing. „Anyway, have you seen Aomine?” you decided to quickly change a topic.

„Nah~, but I think that he might be on the rooftop” she answered and patted your head. „You should try that spot”.

„T-Thanks Momoi-chan” you mumbled. „I’ll take my leave then”.

You slowly headed to the place she had mentioned. Aomine was really troublesome sometimes. You walked up the stairs and opened the door outside. You carefully looked around, but there was no one there.

„I thought I would find him here~” you lightly pouted. "He is always leaving so quickly that we don't even have a second to talk!".

„Yo (Y/n)” you suddenly heard a voice above you. You couldn’t see him, but you were sure that he was there lying and probably sleeping.

„A-o-mi-ne-kun~” you sang and went up. Indeed there he was, lazily sitting up.

„I missed you” he said and brought you closer. He wrapped his arms around you protectively.

„Well, you wouldn’t have missed me if you had waited for me after lesson. We could come here together” you noticed. He just laughed quietly.

„That’s probably true… Anyway… Since you are already here, maybe you want to scratch my back?” he suggested innocently. You smirked.

„Only for a kiss” you looked at him with a shine in your eyes. He raised an eyebrow.

„I didn’t know you from that side~” he whispered and out of nowhere kissed you. You melted into the kiss and when he broke off, you groaned unsatisfied. „Promise is a promise (Y/n)…” he grinned at you.
You sighted and gently started scratching his back.

„Oh, yes right here, that’s everything I need right now~” he purred. You mentally face-palmed.

„Is that all you want from me? Just scratching your back once in a while?” you asked.

„Of course not, come on, you’re my lovely girlfriend. I love it when you scratch my back like that, but believe me, there are A LOT OF THINGS I want from you, or should I say, do with you~” he answered huskily and smirked. You felt your chicks turning pink.

„Pervert!” you only commented. „You know, you could at least tell me that you like me more often” you pouted but kept scratching. Aomine put  a hand on your chick.

„I don’t like you, silly. I love you. You should know it by now” he kissed you gently. You couldn’t help but blush.

„But still, one ‚love you’ in a while won’t hurt right?” you laughed and now you kissed him. „But I know it already, Ahomine” you teased him a little. Unfortunately your happiness didn’t last long, because the bell rang. You sighed.

„Well, we should probably get going or we’ll be late…” you said and wanted to get up, but Aomine stopped you.

„Let’s skip this lesson. It's art, boring as hell anyway” he suggested and kissed you again to convince you. You giggled and hugged him.

„Sure thing!” you smiled. You really did love this perverted idiot. He was your lovely idiot after all.


„Aomine?” you suddenly asked. „You didn’t want to skip classes just to make me scratch your back longer, right?”.

"…" *quiet*

„Seriously? AHOMINE!”.

{a/n: yeah finished~ Sorry if it suck, and, once again, sorry for mistakes!}
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Damn cute! (>_<)