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Screw it, I'm bored enough..

Bug-Type: Scizor
Dark-Type: Absol! As if you expected anything else.
Dragon-Type: Dragonite
Electric-Type: Mareep (thanks Prim, thanks so much XP )
Fighting-Type: Lucario. Cause Lucario.
Fire-Type: Arcanine.
Flying-Type: Staraptor
Ghost-Type: Gengar
Grass-Type: Uh...hmm. Meganium
Ground-Type: Sandslash
Ice-Type: Articuno
Normal-Type: Eevee/Audino
Poison-Type: Nidoking
Psychic-Type: Mewtwo
Rock-Type: Kabutops
Steel-Type: Jirachi
Water-Type: Sharpedo

Which Pokemon do you think is...

... the cutest?: Joltik!
... the coolest?: Gengar
... the prettiest/most beautiful?: Arcanine/Ninetails/Suicune
... the ugliest/fugliest?: Pikachu...and Nosepass. Wtf is that thing man..
... the most badass?: Mewtwo
... the most awesome/best? (please pick only one): Mewtwo again
... the lamest/worst? (please pick only one): Uhh..hate to say this but Pikachu.
... the grooviest (make of this what you will, just have Mirror B. in mind while answering)?: ..Hell if I know
... the most awkward?: Have you ever looked at a freaking Lickilicky? Gaaah.
... the most underappreciated?: Sawk
... the most overrated?: ..Deoxys...*hides*
... the craziest?: Jynx. To hell with them!
... the scariest?: Uh..none really. But I guess Yanmask...

Which Pokemon do you think would...

... be the most useful if it were real?: Uhhh...Tie with flying types and psychic I guess.
... be the least useful if it was real?:  Wobbuffet
... be the most terrifying if it were real?: Either Gyarados or Wailord. Jesus christ.
... be the most hilarious if it were real?: Slowpoke.
... make the world better if it were real?: Uh..lots of grass types..water types..a lot of them.
... make the world worse if it were real?: Trubbish, Garbodor, Grimer and Muk. 
... enslave the human race if it were real?: uhhh...Deo or Mewtwo or Giratina.

If Pokemon were real, what would your team look like (please refrain from making a team of legendaries)?:

1. Absol - because they can be seriously heavy hitters and I love them so freaking much. 
2. Lucario - Fighting and steel covered, hard to knock down, gotta love em.
3. Quagsire - Okay, this one might be hard to sort of explain..but Quagsire are tough little buggers and great if you wanna annoy your opponent. Plus I find them kinda cute.
4. Staraptor - Because every team should have a flying type. Or something. I just like em.
5. Emboar - I just love them. A lot. 
6. Dragonite - I have an Aeris that's ev trained with set moves and holy crap can she ever slaughter things. It's great!

With legends.
1. Absol - Dur.
2. Lucario - ...Dur again.
3. Mewtwo - Fuck you he is my baby and I love him and I will forever have him as his NORMAL form (not going to rant about that though.)
4. Staraptor - Yep...
5. Entei - I love this fire dog. He would be awesome to have around.
6. Dragonite - Same reason.

  • Listening to: Random crap
  • Playing: DA series, Animal crossing New Leaf
  • Drinking: Coke


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Canada! WHOO!
Favourite genre of music: Anything but pop and that popular crap(okay, most of the popular crap..)
Favourite style of art: Not to picky actually
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Applejack, Big Macintosh, Luna (:heart:), Ryuk(Death Note), Deoxys (...shutup), Absol


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