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Mirana by Akiralios Mirana by Akiralios
Mirana let out a little sigh as she leaned back from the computer screen that was in front of her. She reached a hand up to rub at her eyes before she brought it back down and tapped her fingers against the small desk that was there. Who would have guessed it would be so hard to get information.

The silence of the Normandy was enough to get the wheels in Atticus Nero's head turning. Everyone was asleep at this hour. All except one, as it seemed. As he entered the Crew Quarters to find his Omni-Pad, his eye caught the light of Mirana's computer screen.

He entered the small quarters and cleared his throat quietly to announce his arrival, not intent on scaring the crap out of her.

Normally Mirana would have been expecting someone to come up behind her at some point, but not really this late. Her body tensed up before she took a quick glance over her shoulder and forced herself to relax.

"Damn it Atticus, you startled me." Even if he did announce that he was there. For someone so tall he was awfully quiet.

The Infiltrator gave a small smirk and shrugged his shoulders. There was no other way he could have done it since she had been facing away from the door. Instead of making excuses for himself, he decided to find out what she was doing.

"What are you doing awake at this hour?" He asked casually, moving towards his bedding to retrieve his pad.

"Nothing." The answer was almost automatic, a little too quick, and she scowled. Her eyes flicked back to the screen before she shifted her hand up to clear out the search she had been doing. As if she'd let him know.

"You forget something again?"

Atticus' eyes flicked to her, immediately detecting that she was lying in some form.

"Just getting my data pad." He would not be swayed. After answering her question, he came to stand behind her. He did not look at her screen out of respect, however, and simply remained looking at her.

"Nothing?" He questioned, pressing the matter.

"Nothing." Mirana said in a slightly more serious tone, glad that she had switched the screen over as she turned to look up at the Turian. And it was definatly an up too, he was too damn tall..or she was too short. Either way.

Atticus was tall for a Turian either way you looked at it. The fact that she was short just didn't help.

"Would it offend you if I didn't believe you?" He asked, slipping his Omni-Pad away in the back pocket of his casual suit.

"Not really, is there any time you actually do?" The Asari rolled her eyes and let herself lean back against the desk as he arms came up to cross under her chest. He could be so irritatingly nosey at times, if he wasn't such a nice guy then she probably would have ended up disliking him as soon as they met.

"Probably not." Instead of fighting with her or dropping it, he simply came to sit next to her. The hum of the idle Normandy was lulling and made a person want to simply relax. At least as far as he was concerned.

"So what really is on your mind?" He asked, folding his hands upon the table, prepared to listen as a friend would.

Mirana hesitated at his question as a frown came onto her face. She bit into the inside of her lip for a moment before her arms uncrossed slightly, one hand scratching her bicep gently.

"I...It's so stupid." She grumbled under her breath before her eyes closed and she leaned her head back. She stayed quiet for a few moments before she spoke again, voice barely over a whisper.

"I'm just lonely.."

Atticus' usually military-hardened facial expression softened. Just a little.

"Being lonely is not stupid." He leaned back in his chair, eyes remaining on her as a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Being surrounded by people who care about you and not talking to any of them might, though." He chuckled. While it was true most people were asleep, it was rare that Atticus was asleep before this time.

"You are always welcome to hunt me down." Illusive as he might be sometimes.

"That would be a hunt." Mirana snorted as she looked over to the Turian.

"I still don't know how you do it. I mean, I can get away with it because of my size but pretty much have to look down at everyone and bend over double just to pick up something off a table."

"I've always been light on my feet. I also have some biotics." Atticus smirked, leaning forward a little.

"And I can do this." He reached to his wrist and tapped something on his smaller Omni-Tool and he disappeared into thin air. He could cloak like most Infiltrators could. He turned it off after a moment and sat back again.

"I adapted." He shrugged.

"I assume I got used to it the same way you got used to being so..." He didn't want to insult but...


"You know, petite is a better word." Mirana pointed out with a little sniff. She didn't like the word short too much but she had to deal with it before and would always have to apparently.

"But I can see your point. Would be handy to just be able to disappear like that.."

"Sorry. I have never been good with turning off my... Bluntness." That was one way to put it, anyways.

"It comes with it's advantages. But I also can't wear anything heavy. Wouldn't work."

"Pah, who needs clothes..heavy ones I mean." Oh Goddess, why did she have to word it like that? Idiot.

"If you're good you don't need lots of protection." Maybe she should just shut her mouth.

Atticus' mandibles began to twitch for a moment before he broke an honest smile and laughed a little.

"Let's just say I am good." He decided to go easy on her, although he did pass a quick wink at her expense.

Mirana shot him a small look, vaguely aware of the heat that was starting to come to her face. She refused to let it get too far though, it would show up too well.

"I'm sure you think you are."

While he was certainly not as good as Garrus at sniping, his sneaking skills were something to be feared and respected.

"I think you know I am." He said with an edge of smugness. Not his fault that she had started something perverted.

"Uh huh." Ah men and their ego's. Did admit though, the man wasn't too bad at what he did. She'd just never say it out loud.

"Shouldn't you be in bed by now?"

Satisfied, Atticus decided to stand up and go to his pod. He began to step out and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"I hope you are less lonely, now." He said quietly before he turned and walked out of the room, the same smile still on his face.

Mirana watched the Turian leave the room before she looked back to the screen. She pulled up the results of her search from just before he entered and looked at it for a moment before she flicked her hand and closed it.

Who needed these stupid dating sites anyway?


Yep. Another Asari. This is Mirana T'Dani. She is an Asari with Porphyric Hemophelia (thanks to Arohk for giving me that so I wouln't forget it XP) so she is pale and fairly short. By short I mean shorter than normal short..has to look up to most others short. Still tough as nails though.
She's an Assassin, though she's a more in your face one. By that I mean that she can manage to almost blend in, or at she can gain the trust of her target (usually) before she has to go after them.
With the Hemophelia she has to have blood transfusions every few days, which she finds highly irritating.

You'll probably be seeing more of her..and possibly Atticus too, heh.

Mirana is mine.
Asari belong to Bioware and creators.
Arohk Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yayyyy! Love it! Pah, and you said you didn't like the background. XD I think it's awesome! And I am glad you posted the mini-RP-story-thing too! Heehee.
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