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My problem is that I tend to expect so much from those I care for the most. Because I love them, I tend to expect such love back. But each moment of disappointment just hurts and makes me feel more and more raw, I have to learn to let go -- it's hard not to dwell.

Sorry I have not drawn in so long, this isn't even worth posting .. It is a very quick rough pencil drawing painted over in opencanvas. I have so many drawings that I have in mind but I don't have the time anymore >>

opencanvas, mechanical pencil
45 minutes
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Your skill is blowing my mind. You inspire me, love. Thank you.
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still beautiful you can't tell you rushed it

(that's what I got from the description)

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Is the opening quote from something in particular or one you've come up with? It fits my life perfectly right now...
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Bitter sweet darkness, though the reflection is beautiful.
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Actually this is my Fav of yours that I've seen so far. We are our worst critics:)
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it's so pretty, i like how the i guess those are shadows seem to be holding her in place.
i hope you can find the time to make more of these, your talented.
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The words in the description so clearly say what i feel. Thank you for posting this, it's impact is amazing and it is beautiful even if you don't think it is.
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psshaw your quick pencil drawings kick the ass on my 30+hours spent on arts. I'm loving this picture, the dramatic lighting and her eyes, all dark, they look almost alien. It IS worth posting in my opinion, i adore seeing your art, if you think something isnt worth posting just think, Sui will love to see this! {Even if she hasnt been on dA for a year TT__TT Sui will always come back to see gorgeous arts <3}
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Amazing :3 Love it!
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Your "quick rough" is very awsome, and stylish ! (sorry for my english, i'm not sure "stylish" really means what I want to say!! "stylé" in french ^ ^)
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words beyond awsome<3
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It's beautiful. :)
kagamikun's avatar
It was nice seeing you at Fanime!!
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Very impressive (:
I've always admired your work. I hope I'll become one day just like you (with another style ofcourse, we're still individuals). n_n
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it looks soo real! :D
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You may feel like dwelling on your limits or your fears of no one's love as big as yours. Don't do it. A perfect prescription for a squandered, unfulfilled LOVE is to accommodate self-defeating feelings while undercutting your finest, most productive ones. This is beautiful your skill is undefined i see this canvas and i am blown away keep up the great work you are way ahead of your time... You will become phenomenal =D
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hugs from me.wish I could be there to be ur friend unconditionally.Loving this work.
Take care.
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okay -_- i didn't get your three latest deviations in my inbox... T_T i thought u were like.. gone TOT!
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wow, the lighting on this is really fantastic! =)
I hope life starts being nicer to you soon!
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I don't know about your standards, but It looks worth posting to me. The dramatic lighting creates a lot of feeling.
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Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job! :dummy::la::dummy:
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This is a very emotional piece. I might of said this before, but your depiction of emotions is incredible.
IggysLittlePyro's avatar
Wow, even jsut a quick drawing looks amazing. :3 I'm glad my friend told me to look at ur booth at sakura-con. Ur stuff is awesome~ :D I love the raw reflection. <3
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