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The difference between the full-render option and illustration is the availability of storytelling aspects. Also, you can ask for interesting angles/dynamics/lighting/environment details.

The price for an original design is the same!
The price for anything NSFW is x2

DnD and fantasy characters are my specialty. But I can work in steampunk/sci-fi or any other genre as well. :)

  • pornography

100% payment after sketch approvement (100% prepayment for sketches)
You must provide a detailed description of your character, references for clothing etc.

Please, try to specify all the information. The rest I'll leave to my discretion :)
I can provide all stages of work, also I can show anytime at what stage work is. The final work cannot be corrected.

I'll publish an artwork after you received it.


I don't check DeviantArt often, but I'm always in touch through e-mail.
Feel free to ask any questions you have. :)

you can see more samples on
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Several pieces later. Still the best. Still my most recommended artist and her prices literally cannot be competed with.  I'm looking forward to commissioning again soon. All my pieces have been picture perfect.
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Awww. Thank you so so much! I'll be glad to work with you again!
Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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Incredibly fantastic artist. Skilled, and quick. Their prices are very reasonable and the piece they did for me is so wonderful and beautiful!! Thank you so much I will definitely commission again and spread the word. :D 
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Thanks a lot! :D I'll be glad to work with you again <3
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damn, great works!
anyway, you deserve to raise your price! seriously, please consider it.
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Thank you so much! <3
I definitely will, when I'll have a stable amount of work every time I'm open for it. :D
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Fast and amazing work! I absolutely LOVE the art she did for me and I will definitely be commissioning again! <3
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Thank you so much! <3
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Juliana is awesome to work with and she's incredibly fast. She adds such beautiful, minute details and that makes each piece so interesting. She does amazing work and I look forward to continuing to commission her in the future. I most definitely recommend commissioning her.
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I don't have enough words to say how pleased I am to work with you! Thanks your trust! :3
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Very pleased with how my commission came out, hopefully ordering again when I get some more cash. Thanks again <3
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Thank you! I'll be glad <3
I got a commission of my and a friend's OC and they were both absolutely fantastic. The product-- from the sketches to the final lineart --were exactly as I desired them to be. I will definitely be returning to Akira for future work.
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I got a commission of my OC and it was AMAZING! The final product was exactly what I saw in my head! Thank you so so much for brining Kieta to life so brilliantly! Your style is amazing!
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I've bought a couple commissions and have been overjoyed every time! My ladies always look so gorgeous in your style!
Great service and lots of patience, too!
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I'm really glad to see customers who come again Love
Btw, your ladies are already gorgeous :) Pleasure to draw them.

Thank you!
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Absolutely. Epic. If you aren't getting your work from her then you are making a grave error. 

She made in one week what took my 6 years to think up. You wont find anyone better, that is a bet!
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Thank you so much! One of the best customers everLove 
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This artist was really, really amazing to work with! I commissioned a portrait and received a sketch very quickly, which I approved, and the finished picture was done only a couple of days later. Not only is the work very fast, it's very high-quality! I couldn't be happier with the piece I commissioned (I opened the e-mail while I was at school and had to step out of class to contain my excitement haha ^^). I would highly recommend commissioning this artist <3
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Never been so happy with a commission before, I absolutely love the outcome! :) The artwork is of great quality, the artist works fast and has short response times. Received WIPS and the option to ask for corrections during the drawing process, not that I even needed to make use of this option. ;)
Will definitely commission you again, thank you so much for this beautiful picture :hug:
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oh my god, this is so cute:3
Man Hug 
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