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Hello friends :wave:

I feel better after last sickness and also very difficult days in job. Virus is cured, I go to job again though I'm still partly dehydreted and night shifts are harder than before - but it's almost fine.
There is heavy time in job but I dont want to talk about it. I've more interesting topic.

I'm in strong mood for old games so I would like to write you about one of my biggest childhood dreams - about buying myself a Gameboy. It sounds like something small but it was really very strong dream for me by many childhood years. And this dream I make true right now :love:

I never had a Gameboy but I played on it few times (friend from elementary school was brining his Gameboy Pocket to school sometimes, so me and all other boys were playing during breaks like hypnotized).
I personally love Gameboy and old games, I know really a lot about them. I more like old games than new, lol. During childhood I was regulary buying a game magazine "Play", it was about classics games for Gameboy, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast... (well - now they're classic games, back then it was all new games).

Gameboy costed around 75 euro (90 dollars) so for kid me it was a fortune, almost impossible to collect. I was trying by years but I never managed to make that dream true. Games also were very expensive (around 35-45 euro per one). And back then we has no internet, no ability to buy second handed model.
I was able to collect that much money in long time but as a kid I wasnt good economist and I was spending money for Lego and NES games (we has NES console at home - aunt gave us one day, it was huge surprise).
I'm really sorry I never bought Gameboy, it was so strong dream of mine. It would inspire me very strongly but I never had one, such a pain >_<

Price was one obstacle, second was that it was impossible to buy Gameboy in my little town. I would have to move to much bigger city which was impossible for kid.

Later I stopped to be interested in games and I focused on computers, economics and cars. I was forcing myself to never play any games anymore so I had more time for books and courses... But I miss them.

What's so special about Gameboy? Today everybody have colorful screen smartphones, tablets and so on... But back then, in my childhood, there was no such things. Rarely anyone had computer at home. And if somebody had computer at home then sure without internet. Poland wasnt rich. The real gadget was an electronic watch, with illuminated screen, stop-watch and alarm... All handhelds were much more special than today.
And Gameboy was like a supercar for kids - something super cool, something what everyone wanted and dreamed about.
Even if I would buy myself Playstation in childhood then still I wouldnt be able to play it much because I'd have to connect it to TV - and TV was always occuped in my home. And Gameboy? It was a dream machine, totally personal - it was like gaming console, gamepad, speakers and TV in one. Which you was able to take with yourself everywhere. If I only could have one back then >_<

But now I decided to make my dream true. Gameboy's are cheap now, I can buy used one 4 times cheaper than originally. Used games are almost for free. Now I could buy myself a whole room full of Gameboy's.
I already bought 4 Gameboy games and I have them at home, some of them were for 3 dollars only, including delivery costs *_* Time to buy Gameboy too when I'll find model in good shape. It wont be a problem, ebay is full of them.

I'll start from Gameboy Pocket. It's actually the same what Gameboy Classic but with smaller size and better screen.

I really love how Gameboy looks like… . I feel the same what I feel when I look on old supercar - that great coolness, that inspiring emotional feeling and at once I want one, just like everybody else.
I dont feel that thing anymore when I look on modern consoles or modern supercars. Modern products lost that coolness in my eyes, they're just soul-less products. Maybe it's just my taste but for me the best is what have been produced in 90's and 2000's years (though first Gameboys are even older).
For me every Gameboy should automatically go at once to museum of industrial art.

Graphics on Gameboy can be really beautiful, some of games are a real pixel fine arts. Many people will see only "ugly" retro graphics but I ignore opinions like that - those people usually just want to show up and tell everybody that they've the most modern and latest gadgets at home. And everything old is just junk... No sense to discuss with them. They wont understand any nostalgia, I have people like that in job. They will insult you if you dont have ps4 at home...

Of course it's not like all games for Gameboy are great. Some of them are horribly weak - they're conversions from Atari, Commadore and old computers. They're horribly simple and boring games - but just some of them.
Other games are great and playing them is big fun. You just need to know which games to choose.

Gameboy have very old ZX80 processor, the same one as in Spectrum computers - it's a total retro. It remember times when games were on 3.5 inch floppy disks or audio casettes (yep, I had Atari with games that were on audio casettes - you was putting cassette to computer tape recorder and wait like 300 seconds before game loaded - it's so old).
Gameboy processor was very strongly outdated but they was producing it and not improving it by very long years. When Playstation 2 was on market already then Gameboy Color was still in production and it was extremely outdated - Nintendo had the all technology and ability to replace it with new better model but they was not doing it on purpose. For long time they had in plans to replace Gameboy Color with much better model but they wasnt doing it, there was one reason of it - Pokemon.
Pokemon games and their popularity and selling positively shocked the Nintendo. World got crazy because of Pokemon. And Nintendo decided to not introduce new model of Gameboy, not when they was earning fortune on Pokemon. They couldnt "kill" old Gameboy now when people was invensively buying it to play Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red/Green (Green in Japan). So they was waiting long time and when world finally got use to Pokemon then they introduced new model - Gameboy Advance.
You see? If not Pokemon then we would have new Gameboy so much ealier. Pikachu is not always a good guy :)

I personally love those kind of old games, games with monochromatic graphic. In teenage time I had Nokia 5510 and 5 classic games on it- Snake 2, Space Impact, Pinball... I was able to spend whole hours and whole weeks playing them.
Those games are really "terapeutic" - they're complicated enough to occupy your mind so you wont be getting annoying and unwanted thoughts during play. In the same time they're simple enough to leave you a lot of space for imaginations, for free thinking. You dont have to put all your mind into the game, it's not such a difficult riddle to play those games. Their simplicity is a good thing.
I was for example playing Snake 2 whole hours while in the same time making plans in my imagination or dream about something... It was fantastic and very healthy for mental health. In the same time really creative because I was getting easly many good ideas...
Nokia wasnt perfect for gaming - we need to remember games for cell phones are just a little bonus and the cell phone itself have been made for voice talks and sending messages. With Gameboy is different - that thing have been designed only for games, so comfort and quality of gaming is much bigger.
Now I'll think about future investment scenarios or ideas for arts while playing Gameboy. And erasing all the stress after work in GoodYear.

You would sure tell me that I dont have to buy Gameboy - I can just download games from internet and play on emulator, on pc. But it's not the same, really not. I want to have real Gameboy, have it in my hands and play games in warm bed when outside is cold, windy and rainy. Not while being crooked in front of laptop while looking at tiny window of program. It's really a different feeling.

I seen all games for classic Gameboy, all of them. I'm fan of old games, I was reading a lot about them and also I seen very long video that shows all Gameboy games in motion. I made a list of games I like and I want to buy for myself.
I wanted to share that list with you, with small discriptions of games. It's not all games from the list, just some to dont make that journal too long (well, it will be long anyway).

Ok, here we go (and these are mostly games for Gameboy Pocket - those with monochromatic graphics) (oh, and Gameboy games looks much better on Gameboy than on Youtube. Youtube increases the size of window and add blur. Normally it looks better):

- Trip World - it's a super creative platform game. I dont know why it's not more popular. It's about lovely oval shape animal that can change its form and get new abilities to beat another obstacles. Nice drawn world, lovely backgrounds. Very well animated and really creative

- Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - from all Gameboy games this one I want the most. Unfortunetly it's hard to get it and it's very expensive. There are Japanese language versions much cheaper but I wouldnt understand the story in Japanese. And it's kind of rpg game so I must read from time to time.
I think it looks lovely. It have big world to explore - cities, villages, forests, caves... We fight in real time so game is faster and more dynamic than Pokemon. Plus cool anime style. I must get it…

- Street Racer - one negative thing about Gameboy Pocket games to say - there is actually no good racing games and fighting games on it. In Play magazine there was once huge article about fighting games and they found only one good fighting game for GB, they said all others dont even deserve to be mentioned here. With racing games is similar - there are maybe two good titles. But Street Racer is one of those best.
It have nice 3D style graphics, and it's one of those classic kart racing games like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. The special thing about it it's not for PSX or N64 but for old little Gameboy Pocket. Actually not strange - it's a game created by Ubisoft, the professionals…

- Super Mario Land - it's the platform game that 99.9% of people started with. Me too when I played on Gameboy that belonged to one of my friends. So many memories. Starting in Egypt, next explore the pyramid inside... That game inspired me the most when I was a kid in elementary school. Whole days I was like O_O
Actually it's the perfect game to be added to every new Gameboy - it's made by Nintendo (of course - Nintendo must add own game to every new console). It's a platform game so not much of reading - it doesnt matter what language you speak, you will have fun anyway. There is cool character as a main hero. Game is simple so you'll learn to play it in 10 seconds. Some levels we walk on foot, some we swimm in submarine, some we fly in airplane... Actually it's a perfect game.
I really love it. I just would like it to have save game option or password system. Because it's a pain sometimes - if I want to play on level 8 then first I must complete 7 previous levels...…

- Sylvester and Tweety: Breakfest on the Run - from years I wanted to try that game. It's colorful for Gameboy Color but on cover it's written it will work on Gameboy Pocket too. It have isometric graphic that looks a bit like fake 3D. I very want to explore that house :)

- Ninja Gaiden Shadow - it's one of my favourites platform games for Gameboy. I like it for very beautiful backgrounds and super interesting bosses. Also nice effect like blurred and waving background behind windows when we are on submarine:

- Sagaia - for some reasons I really love games where we pilot a spaceship, those shoot'em up games. Sagaia is one that is unusually well looking. Really nice backgrounds.
But there are also more games like that (Solar Striker, R-Type, Aerostar...). For some reason that game is crazy expensive on ebay. I couldnt find any cheap, the cheapest was for more than 100 dollars x_x Is it rare or what?

- Adventure Island 1 and 2 - I had it on NES. Cute little platform game. I was always jelous about girlfriend of main character, how such a fat guy found so nice girl? :) She was walking in bikini all the time when we as coming back home in the game. In one of parts she is getting kidnapped.
On NES there was also part 3 and it was the most complex platform game I ever played - it was possible to come back to old locations to discover new things later in the game. It was possible to save dinosaurs and next ride on them. Every dino has special ability that was making us able to reach new places, forbidden before.…

- Jurassic Park - that game have the best music from all Gameboy games I know. I was playing it a bit on emulator and music was playing in my head automatically to the end of day and in next days.
And it's really good game, not a cheap try to take money on movie fans. It have isometric view, like in old GTA2. Interesting world that have original atmosphere of movie. Dinosaurs dont appear from anywhere - when we go into the bushes then they are hidden there - very realistic. We can avoid places where is bigger chance to meet dino.

- Survival Kids - very intersting title though I dont know is it gonna work on classic Gameboy, maybe it will require Gameboy Color version. We choose a kid (boy or girl) and we are survivors on tropical island. We hunt to get food, we deal with sicknesses after eating something poisoned, we get friendly with monkey... When we need honey then we can for example make fire so smoke will fool the bees, we gather resources to for example make a torch... So cool game, it's like Bear Grylls for Gameboy :)
Later we take care of second child who also gets on our tropical island, so we have two characters to take care of. In the same time we solve the mystery of the island - collecting 6 gems that will give us ability to unlock ancient ship and come back to civilization.

- Batman Return Of Joker - great game with one huge disadvantage. I loved to play that game on emulator. Batman had really lots of moves - it was possible to throw batarang, it was possible to use grapple and hang like Spider-man under the ceiling. It was possible to fight on fists... Levels was original too: sewers, weapons factory, moving train. It was possible to fight with all enemies or avoid them by using all the acrobatic moves, lots of freedom. Good graphics and good music.
But Japanese people who made the game ruined it beacuse of one thing - the game is awful short!! It have just 4 levels! I cant believe it, they made such a great game and in the same time so awfuly short. When we start to have fun then it's already all over. I cant understand why. Maybe they needed to release game together with premiere of new Batman movie?
I was so annoyied about it. I really loved the game and I wanted it to be much longer but no.

- Harvest Moon GB - Harvest Moon is a game where we are farmers. We do all farm activities. That game was looking always quiet boring for me - I'll plant vegetables whole day? But it have a whole army of fans so I guess I should give it a chance and finally try it…

- Jungle Book - I had it on NES. Good, long and interesting platform game. But the same problem as with Super Mario - no save game and no password system. So everytime we must start from beginning. And game is really long and have many levels

- Legend of the River King GB - interesting game. I never heard of it, just last time. It's an rpg, Pokemon style. But here we catch fish and progress our career of fisherman. I'm not interesting in fishing but game looks really interesting

- Micro Machines - was probably the best game I ever played on NES. It's very popular, made by Codemasters. Like title says we race in little cars around the house. For example offroaders on breafest table - race track is signed with cornflakes. Or motorboats in bathtub, around track made from foam. F1 cars on snooker table, tanks in the garage, helicopters in the garden... Every type of cars have completly different behaviour and abilities. Helicopters are the most difficult to handle and behave totally different than cars - very realistic.
Here is video from SNES version, it looks simple but it gives muuuuuuch more fun than it looks:

- Pocket Puyo Pop Tsuu - Puyo Pop serie may look disappointing when you look on it first time - you may think "it's just a Tetris clone, how boring!". Nothing like that. It's fantastic game.
It was my favourite game by some time and I love it. Smart gamers can make crazy super long combos, this game improve your thinking and imagination. In the same time have great anime style, cool characters and music. Just I recommend you the Japanese version, English have been translated in way that really kills all the emotions x_x Here is version for Gameboy Advance:

- Bomberman GB 3 - popular game from Hudson Soft, Gameboy version looks much better than that on NES. It's not just arena fights but we travel the world. I love those games for ability of tactical play:

- Ray- Thunder - strange, that game have no videos on Youtube... Well, Gameboy processor is so old that we cant even think about any 3D graphics. But it's very creative how the programmers are trying to create fake 3D games. In this game we travel cool 3D mazes…

- Elevator Action - I had that game on NES and it was great fun. It's a platform game were we break into skyscrapers, we steal documents from few rooms and next we reach the ground level to run away by car. I had so much fun with that game. The AI of enemies is very good - it's not like they all behave in the same way. Some of them are weak and foolish, some of them are very agressive and they shoot like crazy. We never know how they will behave so we must think and plan.
Here is EX version for Gameboy Color, every building looks different, we can change weapons too and choose a character. And in one level we even safe tied up girl :)

- King of Fighters 95 and 96 - serie of King of Fighters for Gameboy is actually the only one good fighting game. Nice pixel graphics and anime style…

- Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening - I never played Zelda yet. I know it's popular and I must be the last person on the world who havent played it yet. I red articles and that game was always getting super high marks and all the possible recommendations. Time to finally try it

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - Radical Rescue - there must be turtles, of course :) Immortal serie of fighting platform games, there was 3 of them for Gameboy. This part is really difficult. I was trying it on emulator but it really required super high level of skills. It have big world to explore. I want to play it again, this time I'll master my skills:

- Home Alone 1 and 2 - yep, a movie about Kevin that we watched 100 times in life, during our childhood. Ordinary platform game but I love that it's possible to enter the rooms so we really feel like exploring the home and hotel:

- James Bond 007 - a little rpg style game with James Bond. I like how we travel whole world in that game. We visit China, India, Marrakech, London... I like it a lot, also for old atmosphere

- Pokemon Yellow/Red/Blue/Green - probably the most important game for Gameboy. Yellow was game I wanted the most when I was a kid. I had a full game walkthrough article in video game magazine, I red it so many times that I knew how to complete the game, where are all the secrets though I never even played the game... Later I was playing Pokemon Red a lot on emulator but now I've enough. That game is a bit too slow for me. And I dont like how there are fights all the time, sometimes I'm affraid to go into grass because it will be only more fights, it's tiring... I know I can use repeal.

- Tiny Toon Adventures - Babs' Big Break - on NES that game was really nice, GB version looks similar but somehow slower. The cool thing is that we can change characters during play and every of them have special abilities that can be useful on some levels and not in another (for example Duffy can swimm well and Sylvester can climb on walls)

- Inspector Gadget - another platform game, everybodys favourite Inspector Gadget. The special thing about that game is that we can change characters while playing. Every of them have own abilities. Brain can do a double high jump and use disguise, Penny can hack and control robots and also swimm, Gadget have gadgets - of course... And it's so nice to play as Penny xD
Here is Gameboy Advance version…

That will be all. I hope it was interesting for you. Maybe I'll even inspire someone to try older games ^_^
If you have any intersting titles in mind then please share with me, I love old games :love:

I ordered 4 games already and I have them in home. So cool to make childhood dream true. Now I wait for Gameboy Pocket to come. I'll play in bed, forgetting about all the everyday problems...

Thanks for reading.
Have a good day! :hug:

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