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Deviation Actions

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Thanks for visiting! If my work was useful to you, I'd love to hear about it:) If you have suggestions about how I could make it more useful, I'd love to hear them too!

Re-posted under each stock deviation, sometimes with something added or removed for that particular one.

- send me a link to what you make
- credit me and/or link back to me (either my profile, or the specific photo)

You can:
- use works made with my stock off-deviantART (all other rules apply)
- sell works made with my stock (for a small donation, specified under the deviation)
- make pre-made backgrounds (all other rules apply)
- ask me if you're unsure about anything concerning my rules, stock and/or photography!

You can not:
- offer my work as your own stock or re-post elsewhere without a visible link back to either the original image or my profile
- claim my work as your own
- make hate/rape/abuse/similar art with my stock
- make any erotic/pornographic art with my model stock. Keep in mind that all my models were, at the time the photos were taken, under 18.
© 2010 - 2021 akio-stock
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But how do you drink your tea? I cannot drink tea with milk or sugar I find. It lessons the flavour. I need my tea to be black and in most cases stewed. Although I find green tea never wants to be stewed. It ends out tasting soapy in that case unfortunately.
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I drink tea in pretty much all the ways it is drunk:) Very strong with milk and/or sugar, 'normal' strength without either or with honey, green, black, red, white, spiced (masala chai, thai iced tea, chocolate, or just adding various spiced to black tea). Basically, I really like tea:p