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... that I come across and want to share.

Because everyone loves baby animals, here are a few that I found recently. The feature is meant to both be a small collection of cute, and something to make you smile, because I like making people smile!

Starting with the most adorable ball of evil! I didn't know baby ravens had such bright blue eyes. This one looks like it's trying it's hand (wing? claw?) at evil, but is just too cute to fool anyone.

Young Raven 3 by Digimaree

Baby ostrich - stock by kridah-stockBaby Zoo Birds 1 by destinysWalrus

Sleepy white lion cub - stock by kridah-stock

White lion cubs - stock by kridah-stockTiger 27_quaddles by quaddlesTiger cubs playing 04 by FoxRAGE-Stock

I want a goat. One of the fainting ones, or maybe a tiny
Pygmy. Or this one.
Baby Goats 5 by Dracoart-Stock

Vicugna pacos- Coco the Alpaca 13 by lumibearCria 21 *Alpaca Baby* by FantasyDesignStock2

Now some of you maybe don't think mice and rats cute, especially naked onces... but you are wrong. Unfortunately there aren't that many baby rat stock images, but here are a few:
Umm... by NickiStock

A cute funny rat stock by Unrestricted-Stock<da:thumb id="104048832"/>

It's a bit hard to tell if the fennec fox pictured is a baby or not because they all have that baby-ish look (must be the huge ears!). But it's a fennec fox and it is pretty much the definition of adorable (after kittens).
Most terrific creature EVER??? by woxys

Never too young for Sass by RhiskandPerilAnimals 35_quaddles by quaddlesfennec0001 by Tosca-stock

And this is it, because this journal is getting too long. Are you smiling yet? Is the adorable getting to you? Do you have an urge to incorporate some of the cuteness into your next manipulation/drawing/painting/other? If so, then the feature was a success! If not, visit my favourites for more adorable animal stock photos that didn't make it into the feature.

Oh. I just realised that I haven't actually included any kittens! Here's a quick one before I go to sleep:
Neela III by Eirian-stock
It wants you to go and do awesome things, or it will cry. Don't make the kitten cry.

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FantasyDesignStock2's avatar
Wanted to say Thank you For Featuring my Cria/baby alpaca stock :).
LaunieStock's avatar
Thank you for featuring my baby bird!!! :D :heart:
kridah-stock's avatar
Thank you for featuring my ostrich and lion babies! :heart:
CrystalClear-Art's avatar
Cute and cuddly feature! Thanks for including my goat.
destinysWalrus's avatar
Oh my gosh the adorable. I think my favorite's the lion cub.

Also, thanks for the feature of my random baby birds!