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BTT 1 - The day we met by AkinaTakesora BTT 1 - The day we met by AkinaTakesora
Sophie would have never expected to find a baby Kukuri on her parents living room floor when they had called her over.
"You were talking so often about traveling once you raised enough money." Her mother told her frozen daughter. Looking over her shoulder at the small Kukuri gnawing on the armchairs leg. Not paying any attention towards the humans in the door. "People say that if you want to travel long distances, it is best done with a Kukuri."
A drunken grin spread over Sophies face. "Where did you get it?" She asked, while kneeling down at the Kukuri's side. Finally getting the attention of the creature.
"Your dad found it. Said it was all alone near the forest. He waited for a day but no one came to pick the poor thing up."
Sophie ran her hand through it's short fur as her mother continued.
"It's healthy. We've had a vet check it. Oh it's a girl by the way."

After that Sophie spent the whole day with the little Kukuri girl. They played and Sophie gave her food. All the while examining her new pets reactions and such. When they both settled back in the arm chair in her parents living room Sophie was content that this would be the start of lots of interesting years together.

I sketched the lines on paper and finished it digitally. It's not perfect but I am more confortable with it than working digitaly only.

I used textures by cloaks

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