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FoD Resting Place by AkinaTakesora FoD Resting Place :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 6 2 Fairy Dust by AkinaTakesora Fairy Dust :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 4 0
FoD - A Choice Made
The week had passed without any sign of Sophie showing up. TInuviel's mood had dropped further day by day as the general atmosphere of sadness didn't help the case at all. Oddone fussed around her. Tried to cheer her up, get her to eat and drink and was glad that she only refused few meals.
Day after day they returned to the statue and waited for familiar faces that still refused to show up.
"They will come.", Oddone tried once more to assure his friend as they sat closely together.
"You said it yesterday, too.", whispered Tinuviel.
"And I will say it tomorrow as well.", he replied.
New and old faces shew up at the statue. It went on for hours again. The gifts were still plentiful but not as much as during the first week where most people had arrived.
At some point with a defeated sigh Tinuviel was about to rise when a sudden shade made her blink. Another one hushed by. They did not only irritate her.
Tinuviel and Oddone looked up where a feather gently floated through the ai
:iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 0 1
FoD - Waiting and Hoping
The morning sun crawled over the mountain on which the Festival of Death was held yearly. Well... this year it would be her funreal.
Oddone and Tinuviel still were a good distance away from it. Both of them taking in the sight in front of them as the light hit the colorful decorations and made them really shine. Villagers and visitors were active though..
"Everything became so sad.", summed Tinuviel the situation up. "Do you see how they move? It is as if all our energy went with her.." Her ears flickered back and she lowered her head. Oddone gently nuzzled the fur on her neck.
"It won't be like this forever.", he said quietly which caused Tinuviel to look at him for a second. A sad smile crept on her face and she sighed.
"Come.. we have a project to finish before we visit the statue."
Tinuviel carefully not to hurt Oddone rose and started to walk on while her friend stayed for a second longer. He watched people and kukuri making their way up the mountain. Despite the brightly colored
:iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 2 1
Sharing by AkinaTakesora Sharing :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 12 6 Tower for an Angelberry by AkinaTakesora Tower for an Angelberry :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 24 2
Mature content
Big Expectations :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 2 0
Inspiration by AkinaTakesora Inspiration :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 23 9 Beneath Pink Cherry Trees by AkinaTakesora Beneath Pink Cherry Trees :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 9 1 First Meeting Gone Wrong | Collab by AkinaTakesora First Meeting Gone Wrong | Collab :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 17 3
Letter: Treasure Hunt
Meircet placed the old map onto a square shaped rock and looked at it intently. But to be honest she had no idea if she had that thing right side up or not since she couldn't read the lettering. It didn't help that a big feathered peas for brains breathed over her shoulder.
"Are you sure we are at the right spot?", Johaan asks. The prairie all the time had been rather indifferent about the whole endeavor. Not that Mericed cared about it. She had lured the big guy out of his den in the cold middle of nowhere because of his muscles. No more, no less.
"I am very sure we are!"
They sat on the stone ridden shore of a lake. Humans had been here Mericet could tell by a wooden structure that lead over the stones toward the water. It was old and parts of it collabsed. The dove imagined how it had looked before and compared her fantasy to the picture on the map. After she made sure that Johaan had taken his eyes off her she quickly turned the map rightside up. This was the place!
"I bet there is
:iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 1 1
Little slice of life
Juliet traveled on rather muddy roads in search of her Romeo. Despite the loneliness the pretty chimera kukuri felt she held her head high and did her best to keep up hope. She found that body posture helped the mind to lift or lower the desired spirit. Juliet was so focussed on herself that she almost missed the two tiny creatures in front of her on the road. Tiny sqeaks and baaahs hit her ears which caused Juliet to stop and look on curiously.
A tiny purple pup with long droopy ears waddled across the mud with a lamb that jumped around it excitedly. It made the mud splash and the pup seemed disorientated whenever it was hit by it. By taking a closer look Juliet saw that the little pup was blind and so she stepped in and made the lamb run up a grassy slope that separated the mud road from the green fields that very beautifully marked the area. With lots of forests, small villages, farms and some hills on the horizon. One farm wasn't that far off though.
"Hey little one.", said Juliet
:iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 2 4
Across the old bridge by AkinaTakesora Across the old bridge :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 19 2 Falling Rocks by AkinaTakesora Falling Rocks :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 22 4 Starry night by AkinaTakesora Starry night :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 19 2 Sugarvine for my Sweet by AkinaTakesora Sugarvine for my Sweet :iconakinatakesora:AkinaTakesora 24 2


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