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Red Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was an old myth in an old book on an old shelf in the far back of the old library in an old town long forgotten. The myth was about an old red ribbon, blowing through the old wind in that very same town. One day a boy walking along the old stone path next to the old river saw a red ribbon floating through the air. Chasing it, the boy had managed to grab it on the old bridge going across the old river. When he grabbed the ribbon his life changed forever.
"Oh red ribbon, flying through the sky~"
"Once you grab it your luck will die~"
"Cursed red ribbon will kill your family~"
"But it won't let you go~"
As much as the boy tried, he could not let the ribbon go; his hand had stopped being his own, soon the curse had taken effect, and the ones the boy held most dear started to die horrible deaths.
"Little ribbon, little ribbon where is your home?"
"Little ribbon, Little ribbon Why do you roam?"
"Little ribbon, Little ribbon why can't you fl
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Amanda Reynolds
United States
Hi, My name is Amanda. I live in MASS, I go to school, I have friends, and I'm a normal girl, besides being a little crazy, but hey, who else in MASS isn't nuts off their rocker?

I like Anime and manga: Bleach, FMA, DeathNote, Shugo Chara, Naruto, and Vocaloids are my favs...
I Hate Spiders, Bugs, heat, very cold weather, Night time/darkness, large bodies of water where I cant touch the bottom, mean people, annoying people, people who cant shut up, and School.
I'm one of the unluckiest people you'll ever know.
My mom had a brain anurism when I was about 12.
I get an infection in my toes like once every year.
My brother is a pervert.
my papa just lost a leg to diabetes, he was already missing two toes before.
I suck at school.
I hate my life.
And Even thought I'm writing this I know that most of you guys dont give a damn.

I'm a pretty good artist, thought I dont have a printer/scanner...*cries*
And when I do get off my ass I make digital art thats pretty good, so just take a look around my gallery, fave what you like ^^ Or dont,*cough*I'llfindyouifyoudon't*cough* >3

PS: I luve Mah Izzy, guu check out PinkTeen7's gallery! she draws good!

Current Residence: Massacheusets
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Favourite genre of music: Country, Rock n' Roll, Japanese, Celtic
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Wallpaper of choice: Anything blue, FMA, or Bleach
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Favourite cartoon character: never really watched cartoons...
Personal Quote: "Live life like theres no tomorrow, cause there might not be a tomorrow"
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This will be my last dream, its like a future (what happens) kind of dream...
Here it is:

At the beginning of the dream I was a leader to ASG(Anti-Skye Group) for a long time we have been careful as to not get caught, but for some reason now we're locked in a bloody fight with them. It must have been a long time after ASG began, and my hair has grown down to the middle of my back.
We were in this type of old factory building, looking out the window at the first wave of people I sent out, they were being desemated.
The fighting area had four buildings and a large courtyard between them, to the right of us was a building that looked like a hospital, to the left a two to four story building that had been taken over by Skye's men, and infront of us was a large building that seemed untouched by the fighting, I had to choose which building to go at...I choose the one infront of us, even though that was further away I knew it was taller then ours, and if we could just get to the roof top we'd have the upper hand.
So me, my adopted sister, a very close friend to me and his best friend/sister/girlfriend(who was a water demon spirit thing) ran out of the safety of our base, which soon I wished we hadn't.
It was almost like an all out war, missles and bullets flying every where, not even 20 feet from the base did my adopted sister get shot in her stomach, I had to choke back the urge to fall back, cause I knew that we were prolly all gunna die.
So I fought my way to the entrance of the building, where I met this creepy deer demon thing with the face of a human/monkey on it (kinda like that spirit thing on Princess monioke)
Who said to me if I'm just going to leave them to die. Around this time the temperature started to rise into the hundreds. I got up and ran towards my best friend and his GF he had in his arms, who was starting to dry up into a type of porcelean/aka dying.
I was two steps when she dried up completely and fell, busting into a bunch of little pieces.
The guy yelled at me to save her, that I could still save her, even though it was obvious that I could not. So I shot him in the leg so he'd shut up, then went and got my sis, who had lost consiouness from the blood loss. Dragging the guy and carrying my sis I made it back to the entrance where the deer thing nodded his head in aproval before the doors opened, he said "I'll keep them safe, you go on ahead" so I did.
I was sitting down on this wierd convaer belt, in front of me was a whole wall of moving hair strands, each a different color, I stared at light neon blue, blinked, and then my hair turn neon blue, which freaked me out, but then I registered in my brain that I'm going to meet the leader of the monochromatics so I might as well change my hair color to white, and so I found white, blinked, and my hair turned white.
I then walked from that wierd colorful place to Skye's office I guess because there was these huge black wooden doors.
Right as I was about to knock, the door opened to reviel Heir, who was at first really surprised to see me, but then he glared daggers at me and said "your late, he's waiting for you" Heir then stepped out of my way but not before whispering to me "if you do anything to harm Skye, I will kill you and all that you hold dear" to which I laughed, how could he kill my loved ones if they were already dead? I then entered the room to see a desk with a spinny chair, which was turnt towards its side, infront of the massive window I saw Skye standing, looking out on the battle field. "Welcome, take a seat" said Skye simply, but in a voice that really meant 'Sit down or I'll kill you'. I sat down in a smaller, non spinny chair in front of Skye's desk, but pulled it out far enough so that I could see his entire desk, since I knew he would try and use his creepy tentacles or tar substance to kill me.
Skye spoke first before I could ask him the question. "You must be wondering why I have kept you alive all of these years, when I could have simply killed you when you first showed signs of escaping? Its simply because..." Said Skye as he turned towards me, a creepy smirk on his face. "I want your power" said Skye, which left me confused, what power? The power to turn my hair into different colors?
I hardly noticed Skye get closer to me. "So what do you say?..." Said Skye, making me snap back to what was going on. Skye now had his hands on my chair, pinning me there. "Will you join me?" Asked Skye in a rather demanding tone. I then felt somthing against my neck, it was on of Skyes tentacles that he made sharper, like a knife. I chuckled "let me guess, if I don't say yes you'll kill me?" I said as I smirked. Skye then said "well of course, I'm not going to let an enemy just walk out after killing some of my best men" said skye as he then grinned, and his eyes showed me that he just thought of something. "Or I could just kill off your friends down stairs? I'm actually very surprised that you saved them, and that their actually still alive, the heat alone should have killed them off" said Skye, okay that did it, you do NOT threaten me with my friends life.
"You're the one who made it hotter!? One of my best friends lovers DIED because of it! Like hell am I gunna let you-" I said before I was interupted by skye. "Get away with it? Sorry but your in no postion to say that to the one who can save you and your friends sorry ass, and no /i'm/ not the one who made it hotter, that was how it was built, five hours after the battle starts, the temperature rises into the hundreds." Said Skye as he glares at me "that's to make sure no one survives the battle" he said as he stood straight up, turning a bit to look out of the window. "But if you surrender and join me, I will spare your comrades lives, and have my men treat the injured" said skye as I glared at him. "What will happen to my men after their treated?" I asked, clearly worried about their safety. "If they want, they can still serve under you, or go back to their normal lives, but if they choose that they will be under high survailence by the BJBB" said Skye as I sighed. It was clear what I had to choose. "Fine, I'll join you, but only for the safety of my men" I said as Skye smiled creepily. "Good, Heir and Jester will show you around, and your men will be treated for their injuries" said Skye as I got up, walking over to the door. I opened it, but was stoped by a question from Skye. "Be fore you go, answer me this...why did you call me 'chosen one' way back when you first escaped us?" Said skye in curiousity.
"Oh? Well that's simple..." I said, I started to feel wierd, almost like some thing else was taking over my body, and my hair turned a smokey gray. "Your my 'chosen one'" I said, skye looked at me with a rather shocked look on his face. As I turned to look back through the door, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a mirror on a wall. I looked a lot like Skye's mother...but that was impossible...right?
I then walked out of the room, my appearance changing back to its normal one as I spotted Jester and Heir waiting for me, Heir looked at me carefully, and jester kinda glared at me as I walked over to them. Jester mumbled something about let's just get over this already as he started to walk ahead of me with Hier who kept glancing back at me, not really liking that I had joined them.
The dream ends with me, Jester, and Heir walking down the hallway.

Ugh its really long, but I did leave out some parts that were too confusing to describe, and in my second dream I actually had my necklace talk to me to run away when I was in the club and saw Skye's men. And don't worry, my adopted sis did survive same with about fifty or so men.
Lol if Aisha read these I'd be oh so embarassed, cause I'm sure half of her characters that were in her dreams didn't act like how they really do...xD
And if your wondering what my 'power' is, I left out Black Jack's explanation because its a tad bit god-moddy sounding, but its this:
Apparently I can drink some ones blood(it HAS to be fresh) like a Monochromatic, and gained their abilities AND weaknesses for depending on how much I drink, after about five or so hours I turn back. But this doesn't mean my 'berserk' self has the same power! Other then being fast and is good at shooting guns, that's about how powerful she is, cause she can only be out for and an hour before she looses her stamina and falls asleep(which is prolly my big weakness) so if I loose my necklace I'm f**ked.
My other self has a mind of her own, though we share the same body.

I guess in laments terms you could has that I'm a type of shapshifter, and my other self is hyped up on energy drinks and coffee...and is a bloody thirsty killer(yeah she likes drinking blood, but it doesn't do anything to her besides keeping her full)
So...I'm like a vampire? my dreams?...;+;


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its sarcasm.
it means "everybody is crazy here"
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