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100 heads challenge- promo by Akina-SA 100 heads challenge- promo :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 6 0 Cupid- Spreading the Love by Akina-SA Cupid- Spreading the Love :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 1 0 12 years on dA by Akina-SA 12 years on dA :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 2 0 Angelic Feeling crew- Chibis by Akina-SA Angelic Feeling crew- Chibis :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 3 0 New Year 19 by Akina-SA New Year 19 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 3 0 Ink18- Final Day by Akina-SA Ink18- Final Day :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 8 0 Ink18- Day 30 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 30 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 0 0 Ink18- Day 29 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 29 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 2 2 Ink18- Day 28 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 28 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 1 3 Ink18- Day 27 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 27 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 1 0 Ink18- Day 26 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 26 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 1 0 Ink18- Day 25 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 25 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 3 0 Ink18- Day 24 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 24 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 3 0 Ink18- Day 23 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 23 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 1 0 Ink18- Day 22 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 22 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 2 0 Ink18- Day 21 by Akina-SA Ink18- Day 21 :iconakina-sa:Akina-SA 4 0

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100 heads challenge- promo
...So, a friend of a friend convinced me to do this but instead of doing my own original characters like I always do with these sort of projects, I thought why do my own when I can try my friends/watchers' characters?

It's simple, just note me 3 characters (I'll accept original OCs or OCs for a fandom) you like me to do with the subject title "100 heads challenge: OCs" and I'll try drawing them up. I'll accept human and/or furry/anthromorphic and if you can give me a drawing of them that'll be awesome- descriptions are fine but detail it as much as you can.
Any help/OCs will be awesome and if you have any questions feel free to ask 
Edit (23/2/19): I have 8 filled already please could do with the help  

I own myself 
Drawn with ballpoint pen 
Cupid- Spreading the Love
Whew, I had some annoyance with my scanner/printer yesterday but luckily it was working tonight so I could post him up. 
I wanted to draw up another God/Goddess and because Valentine's Day, went with Cupid. 
Had to go reds and pinks and because his mother is Venus (if you remember my Inktober 18 collection her design is here:, decided yeah might as well have him take after his mum XD Might edit him another time 

So yeah, I've #spreadthelove this Valentine's day ^^  
Edit: I've actually found out it's #showyourheart thought that's what happens when the article doesn't show up as often ^^; 

Cupid is Roman culture
Design and art (C) Akina-SA
Coloured with Copic markers, PL markers and Stampin' Write markers 
12 years on dA
Whoa, 12 years and from here I'm currently at 183 watchers and over 28,200 views (not a bad number)

This should've been done a week ago but stuff happened and for my current watchers, this is not my OC but Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist and it'd been ages since I drew him so I thought why not?; long story short I joined a club a few years back where you got to "adopt" a fictional character and yeah I chose Greed. He's just grumpy here because I made him do this pic- but he got to drink the bottles behind him afterwards (so much alcoholic liquid O_O) 

This shall be an interesting year, let's see how I go

Art belongs to me
Greed belongs to Hiromu Arakawa 
Coloured with Copic markers and Faber-Castell PITT brush pens with Staedler fine pens 
Angelic Feeling crew- Chibis
So after drawing my New Year's picture my brain then went, "You know what? you haven't drawn these guys in AGES, do them!" so yeah, from one of my many stories (and chibified so it's easier to try drawing all of them) and so much to change since the original: (warning: old pic so your eyes might bleed XD)

As you can tell, most of the characters haven't changed but I have tweaked some slightly like Happy, Tate and Dreamer and Nau's hairstyles (Beforehand I didn't know how hair worked, and having dreadlocks for Nau I realise didn't quite make sense) a few wardrobe and name changes (Hubris is Vani, short for Vanity Sickness is now Nau, short for Nausea and his brother Arrow is now called Loki because I decided to change annoyance to mischief) and colour changes for Osciliac (blue-green to grey) Vani (from purple to pink) and Furcht (grey to purple) because those made better sense than before

Damn, so much changes and I am happy for that especially when rethinking story-plot and what-not. 
If you're wondering creatures, Surra has a secret creature but I'm a little unsure what the creature is and I kept Spenning's bird companion which is now a Little Stint compared to a small yellow chick (funny story; when i was starting this story and designed Spenning, I was at a friend's house at the time and someone drew a little bird in her hair when I went away for something for a few seconds and ended up keeping it XD) 

If you have any other questions, ask in the comments and I'll try explaining as much as I can 

All characters belong to Akina-SA
Coloured with Copic markers, Crayola textas, Smiggle markers, Touch markers, Faber-Castell PITT brush pens and Whispers markers 
New Year 19
Happy (belated) New years guys! 
Was planning to post this up sooner but stuff happened XP

Anywho, it's been ages since I've done my little angel Happy, and after colouring it I didn't have the heart to ink it 
I'll try posting up a bit more this year, doesn't help when you can only do traditional art at the moment but we'll see what 2019 holds (hopefully not as much heartache *knocks on wood*)

So hear from me soon 

Happy belongs to Akina-SA
Coloured with Sakura Koi watercolours, Smiggle markers, Copic markers, Sakura Micro pen, and Faber-Castell PITT brush pens   
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Hi, again sorry for not being on so much- again can't show stuff, can't be bother going on here
I just want to let you know in advance that hopefully from tomorrow (Friday in Aus) I will be putting up my con photos from Oz Comic con '14 (yay) as my brother is letting him use his computer which has Photoshop. Though the only problem is no disk drive means no tablet installation meaning I won't be able to post drawings up (Before anyone asks, yes I have tried using the tablet on its own but for those who don't know, without the proper installation it's just like doing it with a mouse and being so used to pen tablet, it's too bulky- I'm going to have a nightmare trying to make another watermark too) and no illustrator means no comics either too as that's what I use to do the panels and background lining.
Oh I miss using my computer but hey, convention photos- at least I can't disappoint those waiting for it, though I thank you SO much for being so patient with me and not giving me angry comments asking me when the hell I'll be posting everything up. 

If you're interested in how my life's been going, let me know I might post another journal


Chibi teru by Akina-SA


Anita/ Sanaxika/ Aki-San
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I'm a twenty-something-year old Australian girl (though never expect it from her accent) that's quite into her art, and appreciates being asked permission before using artwork and/or photographs



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