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If you would like to pick up some copies of the books I was selling at TCAF, please check out my online store:

Thanks to everyone who visited!! I had a great time ^O^ 

Prints will be up there after Anime North as well! 
Hi guys! I'll be selling two books with purely original content at TCAF 2016! I'll be at table 205 with :iconrainberry: (right beside the staircase on the 2nd floor of the Toronto Reference Library). I unfortunately won't have any fanart prints with me, but they will be available at Anime North 2016!

The event is free for all so come check it out and say hi! 

Book details are available at my tumblr here:…

See you there! <3 
Hey guys! I'll be at Anime North 2015 this weekend, at table H15 in the Comic Market.

You can find a catalog of prints here.

See you there! o/ *rushes away*
Hi guys! Just an announcement to let you guys know I'll likely be disabling comments on my gallery from now on, since I just don't really have the time to respond to them anymore, and I feel super bad when people leave long detailed comments ;_;
If you have something you have to tell me, please do so through notes! Thank you very much. 

I am more active on my tumblr (! Please find me there instead! :) 
Thank you for your continued support all these years! 
A little late, but thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! (OvO)♡ I had a splendid birthday and I hope you guys had a great day!

I can't believe I'm 20 years old already! I've been on this planet for 2 decades but it still seems like I was born just yesterday. How time flies... I'll try my best to be positive and treasure the rest of my youth though hahah;
I'll be at Otakuthon 2014 with my friend Cindy! ~
You can find us at Table 393 in the Artists Alley!

I'll be doing sketch commissions if I can. Please bring printed reference if possible, but I'll also accept a high-resolution picture on your phone ~

Hope to some of you there! ヽ(→㉨ˇ←๑)
Hey guys! I'll be at Anime North 2014 for all three days (tomorrow-Sunday)
I'll be located at table E08!! Please drop by and say hi if you have a chance!

More details on my tumblr here:…
Sorry for my long absence! I was really busy with school, but I'm coming back with more illustrations soon hopefully!
These days, I'm more active on tumblr lol.
^ here!

Thanks for those who left messages on my page ;v; I feel loved!!
Hey guys, what's up? Long time no journal ahah;;
I'll be at Otakuthon 2013 in the Artist Alley, and I'll have a bunch of prints, bookmarks, stickers and keychains for sale as usual ~
(Everything in my storenvy shop and more!!) If you live in Montreal, please drop by and say hello ~

Here's where I'll be located (table 379) along with :iconrainberry:!!

I'll be back on the 19th so I won't be able to respond to comments until then.
Please take care everyone! <3 Hope your summers have been great so far ~~

See you there! :D

(p.s. I won't be able to respond to notes or anything until the 9th or 10th. Please be patient! ;v;

Thank you for all your support! ////
I'll continue to do my best to improve my drawing skills and express my ideas to the best of my abilities <3

Also, I'll be at Anime Expo 2013 with my friend ikkoros from tumblr!
We'll be at table D59, in the artist alley!

Print catalog and everything else will be up soon <3
update: customizable acrylic keychains now available as well! click here


You get to pick any two designs from a large catalogue ~ All available designs are on the storenvy page linked above!



Only prints are up right now. They are being offered on sale at $8.00 per large print and 4.00 for 8.5''x11'' ones (shipping not included)! I will be posting keychains tomorrow and opening up orders for those tomorrow as well, if anyone is interested. >3<

Orders over $30 will receive a free doodle/sketch and a hand-written thank you note! (I will be emailing you and asking you what you want me to draw)
Normal orders for my Vocaloid Fanbook, "Dreams of You" is also open!

Only payment via Paypal is accepted at this time. Sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for looking! ~

Thank you!

I'll be making a post for sales of leftover prints within these few days!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with me or even bought something! It was great meeting all of you! I was exhausted for a lot of it though so I hope I didn't come off as rude or anything;;; It was totally worth it though and a worthwhile experience every year.
Also thanks to the new friends I met and old friends to whom I am greatly indebted! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ See you guys at Anime Expo and Otakuthon! ~
update: part of my print catalog here:…

in the Comic Market!

More info and a catalog of inventory will be put up soon!

I will be selling bookmarks, acrylic case keychains and prints
I may also be taking a few sketch commissions ~

Please come and visit if you have time! ٩(◦`꒳◦)۶
Update: Preorders are now closed! I'm going to package the preorders that need to be shipped during this weekend and then send them out within this next week. Sorry for the delay! I will also be posting my table location at Anime North soon along with pickup instructions.

Thanks to everyone who showed interest and sent me an email or bought them on Storenvy. They really helped me pay for everything on time and not get into trouble with the bank LOL.

Thank you so much for your patience.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to note me or email me at

- Akimiya

Book Title:
Dreams of You
2nd Vocaloid Fanbook
Pages: 42
Full-Colour / 6.875 x 10.5 inches (standard comic size)
Price: $20 CAD + shipping costs *

Dreams of You vocaloid fanbook - preview by Akimiya
:thumb366374076: :thumb365816788:


If you do not want to use storenvy, please send an email to with the subject "Dreams of You preorder - YOUR NAME/USERNAME" and fill out the following form:
Legal Name:
Shipping Address:
Paypal E-mail address:
Additional Notes:

The theme was “times and places” - I tried to convey a dream-like atmosphere and explore many interesting concepts and ideas.The guest artists were given a different challenge: draw to represent a musical style from the past. The combination of these ideas brings you this fanbook.

Special thanks also needs to go out to all the guest artists who did such amazing jobs on their entries, and also to everyone who has encouraged me in one way or another. <3

60%+ of the content has never been posted!

(ridiculously amazing) Guest Artists
:iconnamie-kun: :iconnaguri: :iconjvvvk: :iconminataka94: :iconcurryuku:

Includes 4 page walkthrough with my brush settings and various other tips and tricks. 

Pre-orders will be open for 2 weeks (until the 1st of May)! Each pre-order comes with a random animal bookmark that looks like:

EVERY ORDER will come with a free animal-eared Vocaloid bookmark!
bookmark previews by Akimiya

5 lucky pre-orders will come with a GUMI postcard (randomized from the following designs:,,,,

first 5 preorders will also receive a large poster (either or (

*shipping costs
Canada $6
United States $8
International $12

+ $2 for a second copy
(I apologize for the costliness of shipping orz ... Canadian shipping....)

I will have a table at Anime North 2013 and Anime Expo 2013! Please let me know if you want to pick up your copy at either one of those two events, and I will refund your shipping costs!

Payment is only accepted by Paypal

hey! :D

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 9:46 AM

Seems like forever that I've made a journal... Things have gotten really busy around here;

I have to work hard for about 2 more months and then it's summer break and I can finally have time to draw everything that I want to *3*
This is the only summer break I'll be getting for the next 4 years though since I'll be doing co-op placements or be in school for all the rest of the time. I'm going to have a Real Job wow;

I'm going to take advantage of my subscription and promote some things hehe ~
Some things you guys can check out:

Deadline: 16th of March

Theme: Express your interpretation of the colors and emotions conveyed in a specific music genre.

"For those of you who are interested, we will be accepting public art submissions to fill up some extra slots in the artbook starting today. There are a limited number of slots available for public submissions. So, all submissions will go through a selection process "


My friend Shioiri is also having a contest for her game (with cash prizes!!)
Check it out.

Deadline: 1st of March

Here's a drawing of her character Himawari that I did for a commission <3

Hope everyone is doing well! I think I personally could be doing better but I'm keeping my head up.

also yes, still working on the Vocaloid fanbook #2.
Title to be announced soon! ~

thank you!!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 16, 2012, 1:04 PM

I woke up to like 2000 messages yesterday and realized that I'd gotten a DD?! Thanks so much to Hiiragi-san for featuring me!
I didn't expect getting any more DD's after my first one last year but I am pleasantly surprised every time by everyone's kindness. :heart:

This drawing btw:
Seasons Painter by Akimiya

I was going to make a journal yesterday but I was pretty busy doing work and also didn't feel very well as people following me on twitter would probably know OTL...
Shall try to continue drawing and practicing, even as final exams approach (DUN DUN DUN)

Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Thanksgiving weekend for you Americans ~ (even though us Canadians had ours last month lol)

mini update? ' v '

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 18, 2012, 8:24 PM

whoops I haven't updated here in a while I think; Sorry about that!
I've been more busy than I expected, to the point where I can only draw on the weekends sobs; For my commissioners: thanks for being so patient! I will work on them right now! Hopefully I can also draw something worthy of uploading soon.

As usual I've been posting sketches and random things on (my tumblr) though!

It's so hard to keep myself motivated these days (/;ω;\) but I'll do my best to keep going and not let this cold weather get to me;
Thanks for all the watches/faves/comments recently wow. You guys are too kind ahhh

point commission + feature

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2012, 9:16 AM

edit: point commissions filled! thank you to those who expressed interest!! whoops my premium membership is running out soon, and I would like to be able to continue linking thumbnails and having images in my journals and on my front page, so I'll be taking one or two point commission! (: This is the only time I will take point commissions! I would prefer if you could pay with points right away after confirmation.

I am offering a half-body CG like
ON THE PLANETES by Akimiya Menma by Akimiya my Mozaic Role by Akimiya

for 2100 DA points

PLEASE FILL THIS OUT & NOTE THIS TO ME WITH THE TITLE " Point Commission" if you're interested:

DA username:
Character info: (personality or a little tidbit about them, ect)
Total: 2100 DA Points

Here's a random collection of art I found enjoyable recently. Please check these artists out! >3<

siren by rabbiteyes :thumb328560774: wrap by 210793 Imagination Machine by zombie-boyfriend NEURO by DieWolfsseele Look at the clouds by coocooon somewhere in between by hyamei veranda by Tomiokajiro

anipan + faq

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 2:35 PM

Hey! Just two small annoucements.

I made an anipan account! My ID is 3376.!3376
Please feel free to follow.

I don't post everything on every single site, so if you would like to see some stuff that I didn't upload on DA, visit my tumblr( as well!

I also wrote a "frequently asked questions" post on tumblr earlier this week.…
Link is also on my profile page. So if I don't answer your question, please double-check the FAQ to see if it's there before asking again ;v;

Thanks for reading! _(:3」∠)_