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Draw This Again! Meme (2) by Akimiya Draw This Again! Meme (2) by Akimiya
I had this uploaded on Tumblr last year but I thought maybe I should upload this here too

I redrew an old old old picture for my Vocaloid fanbook and so I wanted to put them side by side. I've already done this meme before, but it was more of a one year inprovement (2010-2011) thing. This is more of a comparsion from where I first started drawing to my ability as of the summer of last year.

One of my many complexes is that I started drawing seriously at the age of 14, pretty late compared to many artists; I mean I made pixels and webgraphics before then but I never really made a conscious effort to improve on drawing anatomy, perspective, composition etc.. I'm also not the best technical person so it took me a while to grasp a lot of these basic concepts lol. I get frustrated and give up easily on a lot of things but I'm glad I persisted with drawing.

There are still a lot of flaws even within the new ver of this pic buuut progress is progress and this is just a page in my history. I'll work hard from now on too!!

2008 tools
- photoshop 7
- mouse (ouch this caused so much pain)

2011 tools
- paint tool SAI
- wacom bamboo

ps. 2008 is my first Vocaloid fanart I think!!! LMAO THIS BRINGS BACK MEMORIES ;v;

my other redraw meme
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March 25, 2012
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