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i didnt have time to do an art for darkstalkers tribute back then and i did want to do an artwork for rikuo since hes my favourite in the game back then. I had time to do and nothing exceptional was coming to my mind. Theres my rikuo, enjoy ^^

I've tried to capture traditional-mixed media look on this piece. A break from glossy look.
All cg, looked some ref from original character of course took like 3-4 hours.Used ps and tablet.
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His arms are muscular and long ending in very webby hands, luv it. Very well drawn!
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This is so badass that i fainted! Love it!
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anytime! Thank you for doing it! One of the toughest characters I played against. respected the gameplay though. lol very nice job with this interpretation. cool and watery feel achieved :)
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oooh, very pretty. nice work on rikuo.
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Unreal :D one of my fave chars along with J. taliban and felcia and Jedah best psyco laugh in any capcom game
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waav, Aulbath'ı nadiren goruyorum burda :)
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hehehe :) bizde rikuo olarak geçiodu aulbath japon versiyonundamı yoksa dierindemi ismi?
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Sol taraftakiler (nikimin yazdıgı hiza) Japon(yani orjinaller ve kulaga daha hos gelenler ), sag taraftakiler ise abudik bıdı bıdı amarikan isimler..( WTF :yawn: )

Aulbath - Rukio

Zabel - L. Rapter

Lei Lei - Hsien Ko

Gallon - J. Talbain

Bulleta - B. B. Hood

Phobos - Huitzil
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I'm stunned. this is incredible!
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Glad u like it! :D
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Looks great bro. I think you achieved to capture the traditional painted look.
Keep it up :headbang:
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Thanks bro! ;D
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