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the Fantasy Princess Name Game

I did this up quick just for giggles.

Click to enlarge!

For the record, my name would be Princess Twiminy. LOLZ!
Or if I go with my legal name it would be Princess Literrara. Double LOLZ!
Feel free to double-up consonants to make it sound/look better!

Background texture:

What art thou callest by, fair Highness?

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Princess Ladaday

RoyalRaven99's avatar
Princess Limimy
That's weird...
Princess Willoravia
That's somewhat better. Can't say I'd use either one
FairieChick's avatar
Princess Theodovia

I'm gonna have to make an OC now!
PinkPlushChicken's avatar
Princess Rayterraru xD
ChrisAliMacHook's avatar
I got Princess Lalaru...
Almost exactly like Lala Satalin Deviluke from To-Love-Ru.
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PhoenixFury17's avatar
Princess Willoharu
RedLetum's avatar
Princess Litheacia
Legal name: Princess Ellluday
Katglow7111's avatar
Princess Bayfereya 
VannilaIcecream's avatar
Princess Kimitheaday,Omg this is a pretty cool and cute Fantasy Princess name.
Marynote2002's avatar
princess Baydovia
DJHiryu508's avatar
Princess...Minima. Sounds very Japanese!
CrystalZoeDestiny's avatar
Tiny-Toons-Fan's avatar
Princess Latheacia
darkchilightchi's avatar
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Twinitra I like it
Galaxyburstwarrior's avatar
Starmiru.. Interesting
Pony3022's avatar
I think its Raytheapa?
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