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Stained Glass: Party of One


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This is inspired by the episode, 'Party of One'. No fannon here, sorry. ^^; Knives and gore are just not my thing. I've never read Cupcakes and I really don't plan on ever doing so.

I was listening to this:… while making this piece.

I uploaded a massive-sized version of this because it's almost completely vectorized. The only things that aren't vectors are the gradient shadows and the marbled texture. (The paint took me FOREVER) The darker colors are a separate group, with a feathered mask to let the bright group show underneath, so IDK if that counts as not vector or whatever.

Insane spinning version:…

:bulletgreen:Stained Glass design is based on the Stations of Awakening from Kingdom Hearts, copyright Square Enix and Disney.
Characters and other elements are from My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic, copyright Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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gross! damn fucking mares 😷😷😷😷😷
GamerGurl36's avatar
Where do you get the stained glass texture?
GamerGurl36's avatar
When you use the brush, what color do you have selected?
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
I use it as an eraser actually
victorfazbear's avatar
nice job if you can add A STAINED GLASS OF THE CUTIE MAP!
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
victorfazbear's avatar
well there's the cutie map the cutie re mark and lesson 0
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
What does that have to do with this piece tho?
victorfazbear's avatar
well in the cutie map put starlight in the map and 7 places mane 6 and starlight unreformed and the rest =
skylightsnowflake's avatar
LoL look at dashie
The art is awesome!
i felt really terrible too when aerith died. FUCK YOU YOU SEPHIROTH SYMPATHIZER
357Magnolia's avatar
this is Kingdom Hearts, not FF7.
(but I hate Sephiroth too.)
she planned her continuation party on her own birthday!
silly pinkie!
Artphantom46's avatar
Nice stained glass art of Pinkamena Diane Pie/Pinkie Pie. I love Pinkamena and the ep Party of One. As for Cupcakes, I hate that fanfiction.
PrinceUniversa's avatar
"Two sides of the same coin." If you ever get the reference here, I will give you a cookie :D In all honesty that said quote matches this very well. It's feels like I'm looking at two separate sides of what holds Pinkie together, her always appealing happy side and the hidden, more ominous side of her, her depressive side. I salute you for making such a fine piece of work here alongside the other Stained Glass works you did. I was late to the party when I first saw this so yeah xD
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
That phrase is used a lot now. I don't know when it was used first.
PrinceUniversa's avatar
Well that explains, the quote was said from a game called Dota 2 where one of the heroes by the name of Jakiro says that same quote there because he controls both fire and ice both complete opposite of one another. You get what I'm saying? :)
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
I suppose so, But I really don't think in DOTA was the first time that phrase was used...
PrinceUniversa's avatar
True to the case, though I don't where else has this quote occurred. Dota 2 was probably the thing where I heard the quote first. If there more then goodness there, but otherwise I'm a little empty minded :\
Lewleworange's avatar
First thing I thought of was Two-Face from Batman.
Claudiuki's avatar
Es muy triste y a la vez verdad :P pero te quedo genial tal y como es!pobre pinkie pie se vuelve majara :( -> :iconpinkiepiecrazyplz:
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