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Stained Glass: Equestria Girls -Vector-

Inspired by the movie "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls," copyright Hasbro.

"Why didn't you feature Flash Sentry??"
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Do not use this image or any portion of this image without my permission. Absolutely no commercial use!

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UTkate's avatar

woah i just found out about this a few months ago and its amazing but i cant figure out who is behind twilight's foot lol

Akili-Amethyst's avatar

That would be Magical Girl Twilight herself lol

ShadowCable's avatar
Can I use this as cover art for a fan fiction on I will definitely credit you. If I use this image, I will not remove the link that goes across the station of awakening.
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
That's fine. Just provide a link please.
ShadowCable's avatar
Thank you. I have two chapters done already, but I'm not going to start posting until i get three done. I am thankful that you said yes.
freddyfagbear87's avatar
Should Be A Crossover Dont ya think
shulk326's avatar
Kingdom Hearts.
MiryBases's avatar
Hi, this is really awesome! Can I make a base of it?
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
That depends on how much of it you want to make into a base...
MiryBases's avatar
Hmmm.. well, I think I'll just remove Twilight's Cutiemark and the ponies' hair and clothes... Also, I'll use MS Paint so I won't be able to make the shades and the background perfectly, I'm just gonna make it a flat-colored one. Is it ok?
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
Ok, I'm going to have to say no then.
But you can do Twilight's pose as a base; removing her hair and clothes.
MiryBases's avatar
Alright then! Thank you~
rainbowrockstwilig's avatar
Pretty awesome... it is just like a kh x mlp crossover. Great job I like it
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
She has messaged me about it and we're chatting. Thank you though.
pikanicart's avatar
i ♥ my little pony and kingdom hearts :)
ChikkieFace449's avatar
this is incredible!
MarissaSunshine's avatar
I'd say this is my fave out of the EG windows, and among my favorites in the MLP Stained Glass works.

"Why didn't you feature Flash Sentry?" What a stupid question.  Nobody likes that Gary Stu, nobody would WANT him there, duh!  I can't imagine anybody asking that question, honestly XD
Akili-Amethyst's avatar
You'd be surprised. :D
MarissaSunshine's avatar
I would be surprised indeed to find somebody out there who actually likes Flash.  I'd wonder what the hell was wrong with them. XD
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