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Akili-Amethyst Akili Amethyst Artist | Professional | Digital Art United States I'm a 27-year-old woman from Maine whose artistic passion is to try lots of different styles and mediums. I'm a fan of lots of stuff, from Back to the Future, to Avatar the Last Airbender, to anything Disney (besides their crappy straight-to-DVD/VHS sequels). I am no longer accepting requests, just commissions. If you want to know what I consider to be the difference, scroll around this page to find my FAQ. Thanks! -Akili

Current Residence: Maine My ponysona: akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/…


1 I Have a Request For a Stained Glass of (Insert Character Here)! Firstly, I do not take requests for stained glasses, only commissions. What's the difference? Please see Number 6. Secondly, check my gallery. Specifically the folders titled "Stained Glass Project" and "Commissions". Is your request in either folder? Yes? Alrighty then! You no longer have to request it. No? Well, the only stained glass windows I have plans for are those on my donations list, which can usually be found on my profile page, or my current commissions list, which can usually be found below the donations list. If the character you suggested is not on either list, I do not have plans to make a stained glass for him/her. You will have to make it a commission. *(As of August 9th 2012, I'm reserving the right to change my mind for any future Disney or MLP characters.) 2 Why don't you have a stained glass for Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, or Belle? I base all of my designs on the Stations of Awakening from the game Kingdom Hearts. Snow White Cinderella Aurora Belle I don't feel that I could ever improve on these original designs. And this is why I'm not making one for Belle in her gold dress. 3 *But I Don't Have the Money or Points! And/Or Several of My Friends Want to See It Too! Ok, I'll put your request in the next poll for the donations list. If it gets the most votes, it shall be made. 4 Tell Me More About That Donations List! akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/… 5 What are Your Commissions Rates? akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/… akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/… akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/… My commissions list is currently extremely long. Please only order a commission now if you do not mind a several-months wait. 6 What Is the Difference Between Requests and Commissions? Requests are when you ask me to make something for nothing. I might make them, if the moon is right and if I feel inspired to. But probably not. That is, unless a whole lot of you want the same thing, then I will put it on my donations list, which I hope to complete eventually. Commissions are something you pay for, and I will complete as promptly as I can. You partially own the finished piece, and can do with it whatever you want, without my permission. I must ask YOU for permission to use it or feature it anywhere besides my DA gallery and DA groups. I want to feature your commission in groups, because unless you state otherwise, I'm going to assume you would like lots of people to see it. And groups are a great way of getting more exposure for a piece of digital art. 7 Can you let me know when Commissions are open? I'm sorry, but I have so many people ask me that. It's difficult to keep track of that here on DeviantArt. So please make sure you "watch" me, and keep an eye on my journal. That's where I make announcements about commissions and other important things. (And other not-so-important things, but I always title the entry appropriately, so you can skip the ones you won't really care about.) 8 Hey! Your Designs Are Not 'Stained Glass,' They Are 'Stations of Awakening'!/This Reminds Me of 'Kingdom Hearts.' Yes, I know. Obviously you did not read the answer to question #2. Anyway, I credit the game for the 'Stations of Awakening' design in most, if not all, of my designs. For those of you that don't know what a 'Station of Awakening' is, follow this link to the Stations of Awakening page at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/C… 9 Are These Real Stained Glass?/Can someone put these in a building? Unfortunately, No to both questions. In real stained glass, all the black lines, or leading, needs to be touching each other. My designs have "floaters" like the eyes. In a real stained glass, that would be pieces of metal "floating" in a solid piece of glass. It's technically doable so I've heard, but it would be beyond difficult and very much more prone to breaking even when finished. So you will have to settle for window vinyls and paintings, sorry! 10 Who Is This Character You Featured? Please read my artist's comments. 11 Why Didn't You Feature (Insert Related Character/Symbol Here) to This Stained Glass? I didn't think the character/symbol was important enough to the center character and/or story, and/or I didn't like that character. Or the piece was commissioned that way. 12 How Do You Make Your Stained Glass Pictures?/What Program Do You Use?/How do you get that stained glass effect? How To FAQ: akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/… 13 Are You Still Selling Pony Swag?/How Much is Pony Swag? Not currently. But you can buy many of my designs on T-shirts at WeLoveFine.com community.welovefine.com/profi… 14 How Do I Pay? Paypal. TheFairyLady@hotmail.com 15 Can I Get a Commission as Swag? If you got the commission from me, yes. You are the only one who can order your commission as Swag, too. Unless you give me permission otherwise. 16 Whatever Happened To That MLP Coin Idea? Coin FAQ: akili-amethyst.deviantart.com/… 17 When do you Livestream? I no longer have set times, but I will write about it in my journal first if that changes. I'm sure there will be spontaneous ones. I write about those in my journal at least one hour in advance. All my Livestreams are archived for 30 days at new.livestream.com/accounts/67… 18 Can you work on my commission in a Livestream? Sure! Just note me about it. I'll let you know which day I'll be working on it. You can request a different time if you want to watch, but can't make it to a set stream time. Just tell me what times you're available. 19 Terms of Use? For line arts and other items in my Free-To-Use gallery folder, I have four terms. 1, You credit me. 2, You post a link to my deviation, or my gallery, or my page. 3, You keep my signature symbol if I put it there. You can change it to black if you don't want it to be purple. 4. For personal use only. That means NO making money off my hard work! If it says "Completely Free" and/or "No questions asked," then my only term is that you do not redistribute. The only reason you might want to credit is so that other artists can find it and use it too. For finished pieces, ASK ME. I don't allow T-shirts or jewelry, period. NO SELLING other items unless you send me a percentage of the profit. ASK ME ABOUT IT FIRST. Consider the answer a "NO" unless I SAY "yes." 20 You Forgot Something You Were Going to Do For Me! Check my profile page for a box titled "Commissions". If your screen name is not in there, gently remind me in a note please! I don't mean to be forgetful! 21 Hey! You Should Send These to Lauren Faust For Her to See! I believe she has already seen at least one of my designs. I was told she even signed it for the lucky Brony! (It was the 'Fausticorn' design!) I plan on sending her one of each coin once I find a mailing address for her. Please DO NOT send her any of my coins! 22 You Can't Really Consider Yourself a Brony if You're a Girl, Can You? Even though I am a 27-year-old feminine woman, I still consider myself a Brony. Only for the simple reason of: Normally, I would not watch a show meant for little girls. Meant for little boys, yes, because seriously, who DOESN'T like Duck Tales or Gargoyles? Come on. And I watch Disney movies regularly because they are family films, which means adults can find things to enjoy about them as much as little kids can. But shows meant for little girls never tickled my fancy. Until Friendship is Magic came along. 23. Are You Going to Make Bigger Line Arts for the Disney Princess Designs? Yes, in due time. I have to make them from scratch, and it takes me a few days to complete one! And that's during the time when I have no life! 24. Best Pony? Princess Luna 25 OMG Read My Fanfic Plz! Please do not take this personally, but I DO NOT read fan fictions. I can barely get myself to finish the books they are based on. I'm really not much of a reader. I'm more of a video/visual person. 26 Who is Orion? Orion is the name I gave my beast of a computer on which I do all my art.

Thank you.

And now, Please treat yourself to a giggle or two reading my List of Things I Wish More People Knew:


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I have been waiting for over a decade for you to ship me my Fausticorn / Celestia-Luna coin.

You did ask for some extra time when the original ship date was delayed, but I have to admit that I think the delay has clearly reached the point of being unreasonable.

Where is my coin and when can I expect it to arrive?

Happy Belated Birthday!

Have a great happy birthday!Birthday cake  icon

You are very talented girl and your arts are awesome!

Your parents will be proud of you!

Keep moving forward and be happy!

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