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Ii Tenki

Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou.

Just another practice on clouds+ I felt like drawing more touhou now~
I just realize the pencil tool in paint Tool SAI is an awesome tool for linearting LOL. It felt different than the brush tool I always used.

What's up with yuyuko? Idk, its up to your imagination xD

Paint Tool Sai 2 days.
*don't mind the title pls, no idea*
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Beautiful clouds...
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"Youmu! The debt collectors are outside!".  
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"Youmuuuu! There's a ghost in the house!!"

"You ARE a ghost..."

"Oh yeah!"
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"Youmuuuuuuuu! I'm hungryyyyy, and there's no food in the kitchennnnn!" I was thinking a bit 'bout what that school uniform is doing there but I dropped it, was to much for my braint handle, awesome work on this piece!
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"Youmu! Youmuuuu~! There's no more food! ;A;"
redrose-yat's avatar
Looks really nice. (Joke: Kii~! Why am I shedding tears.)
Aisaka-Taiga-Chan's avatar
Awwww this is so adorable!
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She want to pull her dress down... Yuyuko, you are doing it wrong!!
its so awesome <3

"Youmuu! -tears- Get in there and make me a SAMMICH"
Kimera-Kuiroaki's avatar
Waaaah so pretty~~!!!
necrofantasian's avatar
This is really nice~
Hmmm I guess Yuyuko is telling Youmu :"Help!! There is a cockroach in the kitchen T-T"
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"Yoooumuuuuu~ There is a scary ghost~:cries:"
:iconsmokeplz: Awesome,good work!
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My first thought was that Yuyuko was trying to pull down Youmu's skirt or something, then I saw her pointing towards the shrine. So building on those two thoughts...Yuyuko wants to go into the shrine and have sex with Youmu?

Damn my perverted mind! XD

It's probably something to do with food, more likely. :P

Excellent picture, by the way.
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...You make me feel a noob
Sandwichwithham's avatar
O-my-god ! I found my new wallpaper *______* (Bye bye Reisen ! I love you but this drawing is so beautiful hehehe)
KitsuneEXE's avatar
Maybe she saw a beetle and was scared of it?
TheOmegaGod's avatar
Yuyuko: Youmu!! There aren't any canolis left!!
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Wow, that looks great. The clouds are simply awesome. But the two Touhou girls are professional quality. :)
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