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(Reprint from VO)

Well everyone, the time has come and after months of work I can finally reveal to you all Avanna's official artwork. For those of you who watch me on twitter and such you may remember how back in August I kept mentioning working on a very important commission. This was it.

To go into specifics, back in April, I had sent Zero-G a resume and portfolio with examples of my music and a few pieces of artwork. My hope was, not actually to do any artwork for them, but to possibly help them with demos in the future for either Vocaloid or their other forms music producing software. Shortly after sending my portfolio Dom Keeffe replied, thanking me for my email and saying Zero-G would keep me in mind. At the time, I didn't actually think much of the reply. I figured it was the standard reply they give to anyone interested in doing commissioned work for them. So, in fact, I actually forgot I had sent the email for several months.

It wasn't until August 13th that I received another email from Dom. I was literally shocked when he asked me if I would be interested in creating the official design for Avanna. I was surprised mostly due to the fact that I was under the impression that Avanna's artwork was already completed. I was very honored and humbled that Dom and his team thought I was good enough for the job.

So, for the rest of August and into the beginning of September I worked basically around the clock to create Avanna's image (whenever I wasn't at my day job of course). The art I've posted here isn't even half of all the designs and sketches I made. Eventually after the first 2 weeks Dom selected the rough version of the design you see before you, as well as select from the color schemes I had provided. The rest of my work was spent simply creating a character image that would really represent Avanna as a celtic pop singer. I must have done 6 or 7 pose sketches along the way. I was even starting to get nervous that I wouldn't be able to create an adequate pose that would please them.

However, it was at this time that I sent them a sketch of what is now Avanna's "Full Body" art. Dom instantly told me he loved it and I spent the next 2 or 3 days lining and coloring the work. When it was finished I was truly pleased, as was Dom.

Then, for about a month I only heard from Dom on and off, as they were very busy finishing the programming for Avanna's voice. When I did hear from him again it was toward the end of October. Zero-G had sent the image of Avanna to Yamaha for approval and had received a request for an altered piece of artwork. Yamaha was concerned that Zero-G's approved design was not "Anime" styled enough and asked for me to revise it into a cuter, modern anime style. (It is in my personal opinion that Yamaha made this quest due to the shocking response from the fandom with Voctro Lab's Clara and Bruno original artwork. The response was so negative that I believe Yamaha wished to avoid such happenings again by immediately making sure the artwork would appeal to the anime-styled loving demographic. This is, of course, just a personal opinion.)

I immediately tried to alter the original full-bodied image to better suit Yamaha. But, the proportions and style they wanted conflicted with the original proportions I had created. So, Dom and I made the difficult decision to start from scratch. Due to time constraints, we decided that we were going to narrow down Avanna's new cover art to a simple thigh-up shot, or bust image. I started sketching and soon came up with the image you now see before you. A few days later and the picture was lined, colored, and sent off to Zero-G.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how it all happened. It was a unique experience, and there were times I was very nervous and frustrated that I wouldn't be able to please Zero-G or Yamaha. But in the end, I'm proud of the work I did and I'm absolutely thrilled that I was given this opportunity. I illustrated her to the best of my abilities, and learned a good thing or two about myself in the process. I know some of you will love her design, and others of you will hate it. But I hope you can all appreciate the effort I put into this. This was a paying job, and I took it very seriously.

I want to thank Dom Keeffe for being so incredibly patient and kind to me as I worked. He was more than generous and I couldn't have asked for a better employer. I certainly hope we will work together again. I want to thank Myst, Koda, Hentai, Aster, and Reni for being my creative consultants as I worked. I couldn't have finished without them cheering me on. And I want to thank you all for your continued support of both me and my music. I cannot begin to express what it means to me.

Avanna Design Specs:

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Color Scheme: Green, Gold, and Blue
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Irish
Artist's assumed height: 5'6"
Artist's assumed weight: 156 lbs

(Keep in mind her height and weight are not official, but they were the dimensions I had in mind when designing her, as I wanted her to have NATURAL proportions. I based her body type off one of my younger sisters.)

Avanna Design Trivia:

1.) In the Original full bodied design approved by Zero-G, Avanna was actually an elf and sported a pair of short pointed ears. These were later discarded from the Yamaha re-edit.
2.) While many assumed that Avanna would be a red head, Zero-G specifically asked for her to have black hair at the beginning of the designing process. While creating color schemes, other hair colors were given as examples, but inevitably it was decided black hair was best for the character.
3.) Avanna's outfit was inspired by Roman-Britannia. Specifically, it was inspired by the Roman influence the Celts received during the first century of Britannia's occupation by the Roman Empire.
4.) The little flower shapes worked into Avanna's outfit are clovers, hinting at her Irish heritage.
5.) The rings around Avanna's waist can float or spin with the power of her voice when she sings, but they will lay stationary when she is not singing.
6.) The gems on Avanna's skirt and rings were inspired by blue topaz gemstones.
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I have been trying to prove myself to companies like Zero-G and Yamaha that I can do it. How did you?
AkiGlancy's avatar
uh...to be honest I'm not sure.
Lily-the-Vocaloid's avatar
I can't wait for Avanna to be released! Has Zero-G set a date yet?
AkiGlancy's avatar
No, not yet, but they're trying to get her out this month I believe
Lily-the-Vocaloid's avatar
That's good! She's an amazing Vocaloid!
ZulaChu's avatar
This may seem like the most bizarre question you'll be getting here, but, If I wanted to send samples to voice a Vocaloid voice bank, would I send those samples to the same email? If so, what is the e-mail?

I've wanted to be a voice actor for some time, and this might be an interesting opportunity if they take it. xD
AkiGlancy's avatar
I can't give out the email I talk to dom with, because that is his personal email. But when I sent in my portfolio, I sent it to Zero-G's main email.

However, if you want to send voice samples, keep in mind:

1.) do you live in Britain in easy access to Zero-G's offices?
2.) If not, do you possess a high quality/professional recording microphone?
3.) if not, do you have access to a recording stupid where the necessary vocal samples can be recorded?
ZulaChu's avatar
Of course! I wouldn't expect you to.

1) No, I live in America
2) Yes, actually! I'm aiming to be a pro, so I have a very high quality microphone, and I'm planning on sound proofing my closet, as a Christmas present to myself, where I normally do my recordings.
3) No, but if necessary, I could find one.

I really appreciate the help c: (even though this reply is 8 days late oops)
AkiGlancy's avatar
In any case, if you think it's something you can do, I would just email their main website, and if they are interested, Dom will no dobut contact you personally
ZulaChu's avatar
Ok! Thanks for the info~
ThinkPinkQueen1's avatar
I'm so glad you sent that resume and portfolio to Zero-G! Because of that, millions of us vocaloid friends will cherish and love her FOREVER! She's quickly becoming my favorite vocaloid out of them all! I just love her and can't wait for more! Thank youuuu!! :D
AkiGlancy's avatar
you're too kind, thank you so very much <3
dooliedude's avatar
Did you hear her voice before designing her? Or at any point during?
Because unlike some other V3's, her art fits perfectly with her voice, and I'm amazed how similar they seem.
AkiGlancy's avatar
I actually heard her voice a month AFTER I finished her. So I was very nervous when I finally was able to hear her voice. I was afraid is wasn't going to fit the character at all. But miraculously it did =W=
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About her weight: I think it's too much, maybe. I'm also 5'6" and I only weigh 115lbs. The only major proportion differences in mine and her bodies is that she actually has boobs. XD So unless her boobs weigh 20 lbs a piece, I think she would weigh less. Then again, I'm only basing this off of my own body and am most probably wrong. XD
AkiGlancy's avatar
keep in mind, these proportions were made for the ORIGINAL artwork, not the final anime version. The height and weight were just intended to help me with a mindset while I worked
sgwelch's avatar
ahhh. That makes more sense. XD lol
Awaken-The-Light's avatar
I've seen your art and music around before, but man, you've gone way up in the Vocaloid fandom from last time I looked at your page.
You deserve this though; I'm happy you had this opportunity!
I love her design, you did a fantastic job!
AkiGlancy's avatar
you are too kind, thank you so much
MakiTakami's avatar
omggg this is so exciting! love her design.

Aaah, if you don't mind me asking, was this a paid job? Or more like a favor?
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