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This is a collection of VOCALOID themed moomins I will be turning into keychains...with some bonus Vtubers thrown in for fun.
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I know what most of these characters have got:

Miku: A leek
KAITO: An ice cream bar
Len: A banana
Rin: An orange
MEIKO: A glass of wine
Luka: A fish
Gakupo: An eggplant
Zunko: A pod of peas
Avanna: A clover
Teto: A loaf of bread
Defoko: A musical note
Momo: A broom
Lapis: A diamond
Big AL: A scythe
Nana: An apple
DAINA: A daisy
DEX: A bone
Ruby: A boombox
Stardust: A star
Lily: A lemon...
Aiko: ...and a balloon
Me: Wow, guys, I didn't expect some of you to carry what you saw!