Core Power Hour: Core to the Max!
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Published: October 11, 2018

Hey, Core Members!

Have you found yourself slipping into a productivity slump? Maybe you need a bit of a push into creativity? Perhaps you crave a challenge? Or maybe the Thursday Prompt isn't enough for you?

Well, we're excited to announce an exclusive event just for our Core Members: CORE POWER HOUR!

Mark your calendars! Core Power Hour will take place on Thursday, October 25 from 9 AM to 5 PM PDT (Los Angeles time). A new challenge each hour. Winners each hour. Amazing prizes each hour.

We’re talking EIGHT straight hours of various challenges to get your creative juices flowing, art skills flexing, and most importantly, for you to have some fun! There will be one challenge per each hour a total of eight challenges so these events will be quick. You’ll have 30 minutes to create and submit your entry. Each challenge will have multiple winners, meaning you’ll have even more chances to win awesome prizes!


  • All works must be original works made specifically for each challenge (unless specified within the specific challenge).

  • Deviations found to be plagiarizing other works will be disqualified and removed.

  • If you are using other works that are not your own, you must make sure you have permission to use those works and credit the artist(s) whose work(s) you've used.

  • Works must be submitted within the provided timeframe of the specific challenge.

  • You must be a Core Member as of October 24, 2018 to enter.

For the official rules for Core Power Hour, click here.


You’re probably wondering what kind of challenges these will be, huh?

Well, we can’t tell you exactly what they are, but we can say there will be opportunities for Art and Literature creation. With 30-minute creation windows, we hope that everyone will have time to be able to participate in at least one challenge. You can join as many challenges as you like and win multiple times!


There will be multiple winners in each challenge, so we highly encourage you to participate. Here’s a preview of some of the prizes that’ll be offered:

  • $100 Amazon gift cards

  • One-year subscriptions to monthly gift boxes

  • Customizable business cards

  • iPads

  • Nintendo Switch

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, and adherence to the specific challenge, which will then be judged by DeviantArt staff and an outside, independent party. Winners for each challenge will be announced via journal at the end of that challenge’s hour.

What can you do then in the meantime to prepare for Core Power Hour? Make sure to join the CoreMembers group, as the challenges will be posted here as a journal entry at the top of each hour. We’ll also be posting updates with some challenge hints soon, so keep your eyes open!

So get ready, Core Members. GAME ON!

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dinmoney's avatar
dinmoneyProfessional Digital Artist
This was cool idea. Hope to see more in the future =D
MelMuff's avatar
MelMuffHobbyist General Artist
I did have some fun. It was hard to be creative today since I have a massive headache then got hit my head on top of that. I'm so tired too. I think next time I will skip this event as I don't really stand a change against such talented artists either. Good luck to all the winners! Later!
annewipf's avatar
The challenge has officially started... but I can't find it! :( Please could you help me?
KRMi-e's avatar
KRMi-eHobbyist Traditional Artist
Go to akiestar's home page.  The challenges are posted there.
Nalcyon's avatar
NalcyonStudent Digital Artist
Where to find the challenges?
Meow-Vortex's avatar
Meow-VortexHobbyist Digital Artist
so where is the challenge ? 
VerysArt's avatar
VerysArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I'm so excited!!
Bring the challengeeess!
AlliBun's avatar
You guys should post the journal with the rules a minute or two before the hour in case anyone's time is behind and we don't have like 22 minutes to draw since we also have to post within 30 min.
Coffence's avatar
CoffenceStudent Digital Artist
Can one person win in multiple challenges? Or one person can only win once? ^^ I'm just curious, I'm pretty sure I'm not that good to win something with a 30min drawing. XD
LaurenBanbi's avatar
i do believe you can win multiple prizes, but only once in each challenge if you somehow make two pieces for one challenge XD
goPandaawake's avatar
goPandaawakeHobbyist Digital Artist
You can win more then once yes. Just do your best :D Its just a fun challenge.
Poka-SorM's avatar
Poka-SorMHobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck everyone!
MelMuff's avatar
MelMuffHobbyist General Artist
I'm so tired and have a massive headache but I'm ready to participate. Sucks I got stuck on night shifts this week and only had 3 hours sleep 2 days in a row. First my workplace had an emergency meeting and forced everyone to ruined their sleep and come into work for something that could have waited honestly. And now had to cut my sleep short for this event. Oh well! I love participating in events like this. :)
AlizesArt's avatar
I have had no motivation to draw for a long time now (courtesy of depression) but I am ready and waiting with my tablet and pen and excited to draw! Thank you so much for setting up this event. Looking forward to having fun!
KazuhaRb's avatar
KazuhaRbStudent General Artist
wait...what time is it?
humblehills's avatar
humblehillsHobbyist Artist
Hi KazuhaRb -

It starts in about 45 minutes, with the first challenge beginning at 9 AM PT (Los Angeles time). We'll be posting the journal in the CoreMembers group!
dth1971's avatar
A new challenge each hour on the hour?
humblehills's avatar
humblehillsHobbyist Artist
Hi dth1971 -

Yes, a new challenge each hour starting at 9 AM PT (Los Angeles time) TODAY! There will be a total of eight challenges, with a new journal posted at the top of each hour describing that hour's challenge. Make sure you're in the CoreMembers group to stay updated on each challenge!
Hybrid-Dragoness's avatar
Hybrid-DragonessHobbyist General Artist
Oh god I'm feeling the timezone pain - 3:00AM - 11:00AM Friday for east coast Aussies... :(
The-Koneko's avatar
The-KonekoHobbyist General Artist
Luna4s's avatar
Luna4sHobbyist Digital Artist
This seems really fun. But it's also during inktober...
I'm already going to be spending a lot of my day on that. 

Hopefully it'll come back again. It seems really fun. 
Poka-SorM's avatar
Poka-SorMHobbyist Digital Artist
So... It says you need a core membership but at the official rules it says it's not pay to win? So dose a person without a core able to enter
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