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Your waves
outside my window
and all I
can do
is stare in awe
at how vast
your expanse
can be.
And in the deepest
reaches of the sea,
I sit here,
staring out a window
and I ask myself:
"What if,
instead of running
along you
I’m running instead
toward you"?
I’d develop
a greater
for the depths
you’d reach the shore
if only
I could run across
the vast expanse
that is you.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 8 0
Rise by akiestar Rise :iconakiestar:akiestar 19 3 Concrete Sky by akiestar Concrete Sky :iconakiestar:akiestar 27 2 Flora, No. 1 by akiestar Flora, No. 1 :iconakiestar:akiestar 26 1 The Throne Room by akiestar The Throne Room :iconakiestar:akiestar 44 3
Puso Kong Banayad (My Gentle Heart)
Puso kong banayad,
Kaya mo bang magbigay
Ng buong pag-ibig?
:iconakiestar:akiestar 5 2
Body vs. Heart
Love is not meant for
Those with strong constitutions
But who lack a heart.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 9 3
Chroma by akiestar Chroma :iconakiestar:akiestar 34 12 Runaways by akiestar Runaways :iconakiestar:akiestar 28 2 Physical Memory by akiestar Physical Memory :iconakiestar:akiestar 41 6
The Pear's Prayer
Pear our Father, who art on DeviantArt
Hallowed by thy name
Thy Fella come, thy will be done
In LA as is in Salamanca
Give us this day our LOLs and “Wut”s
And forgive us our constant drafts
As we forgive those who steal against us
And lead us not into stagnation
But deliver us from llamas.
(For thine is the artdom, permissions and the badges
Now and forever
:iconakiestar:akiestar 13 3
The Mother City by akiestar The Mother City :iconakiestar:akiestar 23 4
White Space
What are the corners
    of a piece of paper
         than but a space for
              endless possibility?
What is a blank page
    from a single notebook
         than but a single
              universe of many?
Perhaps, as time flies,
    I'll find the strength to write
         more than what the world
              expects to hear of me.
I hope, pushing on,
    that I'll find who I am.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 10 10
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Art and Pride: Keith Haring
As part of Pride, I wanted to do a journal on a few artists whose works are known for being associated with the gay rights movement, just to share a bit of queer history that ties in with art and how we view art and our world because of the impact theyíve had. Having said that, Iím admittedly not much of an art historian, and it seemed woefully unfair to boil the efforts of many down into an amount of text that would fit into one singular journal. Instead, I decided to focus on one so I could provide at least a little insight into an influential artist in the queer community.(Keith Haring in front of his Pisa Mural, 1989)One of the most recognizable artists from New York in the 1980s, Keith Haring was born in Pennsylvania in 1958, and grew to love drawing early on, taking inspiration from cartoons and pop culture. He attended a commercial arts school in Pittsburgh for a year, but dropped out after deciding he had no interest in being a commercial artist. (Untitled, 1980)He moved to New York City the same year he dropped out of college, and became friends with a number of artists and musicians on the scene, including people like Andy Warhol, Madonna, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. (A Pile of Crowns, for Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1988)Between 1980 and 1989, Haring created hundreds of public drawings, many done with white chalk on unused advertising panels in the New York subway system. At the same time, he participated in numerous art exhibitions, both on his own and with other artists. During the Ď80s he traveled to dozens of cities around the world to create works, many for charities, hospitals, and orphanages. (Berlin Wall Mural, 1986)Haringís works consistently carried social messages, ranging from anti-apartheid murals to the negative impact he could see media holding on those around him. His well-known mural, Crack is Wack, was created in response to an increase in cocaine-related deaths around New York.(Crack is Wack, 1986)His works also often delved into the concept of the self, and combined ideas and imagery from his Christian upbringing with his idea of himself and his sexuality. Several of his works focus on the self and the other, and on passion and eroticism between two people.(Boxers, 1988)As the AIDS crisis continued throughout the 1980s, Haring lost a number of friends and loved ones to the disease, and he was diagnosed with AIDS himself in 1988. He wasnít surprised by the diagnosis, and perhaps because of itóor in spite of itóhis artistic output continued as though he hadnít been diagnosed in the first place, though many of his works in the wake of his diagnosis were clearly impacted by it.(Ignorance = Fear, 1989)When asked about his AIDS diagnosis in interviews, he offered a philosophical response:Part of the reason that Iím not having trouble facing the reality of death is that itís not a limitation, in a way. It could have happened any time, and it is going to happen sometime. If you live your life according to that, death is irrelevant. Everything Iím doing right now is exactly what I want to do.In 1989, he created the Keith Haring Foundation to continue supporting childrenís and AIDS-related organizations, and he continued to create art up until he no longer could. Keith Haring passed away from complications related to AIDS on February 16, 1990, but even now the impact of his art can be felt around the world.(Altarpiece, 1990)All above images were sourced from the Keith Haring Foundation. If youíd like to know more about Haring and his work, I highly recommend you visit the foundationís website. In addition to sharing Haring's work, I wanted to include a few creations by deviants inspired by or in tribute to him. You can find those below. Thank you for reading!
:iconikazon:ikazon 15 10