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Newest Deviations

Physical Memory by akiestar Physical Memory :iconakiestar:akiestar 24 6
The Pear's Prayer
Pear our Father, who art on DeviantArt
Hallowed by thy name
Thy Fella come, thy will be done
In LA as is in Salamanca
Give us this day our LOLs and “Wut”s
And forgive us our constant drafts
As we forgive those who steal against us
And lead us not into stagnation
But deliver us from llamas.
(For thine is the artdom, permissions and the badges
Now and forever
:iconakiestar:akiestar 6 2
The Mother City by akiestar The Mother City :iconakiestar:akiestar 16 4
White Space
What are the corners
    of a piece of paper
         than but a space for
              endless possibility?
What is a blank page
    from a single notebook
         than but a single
              universe of many?
Perhaps, as time flies,
    I'll find the strength to write
         more than what the world
              expects to hear of me.
I hope, pushing on,
    that I'll find who I am.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 9 10
Ends of the Earth by akiestar Ends of the Earth :iconakiestar:akiestar 40 4 The Fisher Girl by akiestar The Fisher Girl :iconakiestar:akiestar 24 8 Heroism as Love for Country by akiestar Heroism as Love for Country :iconakiestar:akiestar 8 1
Time and Patience
You come to realize
that time moves so quickly
when you fail to notice
that somehow, in light
of everything that has happened
in the last 31 days,
you don't stop to think
and ask yourself
the questions to be asked
when you look back in time
and see how much,
how well,
and how far you've grown
without even noticing it
pass by under you.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 4 7
Castle on the Hill by akiestar Castle on the Hill :iconakiestar:akiestar 16 11
Creative Crisis
I can't imagine taking the time...
To sit down and think of words
To put them all down into verse
To picture them as mental curds
Churning inside this restless mind.
To find a way to get this right
To ensure delivery's airtight
To build upon it, keeping it light
So that the idea, somehow, isn't lost.
To criticize myself for doing nothing
To drown myself in fear and loathing
To stop myself from teary moping
In a vain attempt to get something out.
...and not doing anything about it.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 6 8
Digital Insects by akiestar Digital Insects :iconakiestar:akiestar 9 2 The Gathering Place by akiestar The Gathering Place :iconakiestar:akiestar 29 11 City Lights by akiestar City Lights :iconakiestar:akiestar 24 10 A Twilight Orange by akiestar A Twilight Orange :iconakiestar:akiestar 20 13


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