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Haven't been able to finish any work recently. I keep drawing and drawing and finishing nothing. Happens once in a while for me. Would anybody like sketch dumps for now? lol
Just letting everybody know :3
So it's a little unexpected but I have to go on hiatus for a bit. Renovations are being done to my apartment. I'm being forced to move out temporarily and won't have internet. I'll be back by the new year, but I'm not exactly sure when. So everybody take care and I'll miss you ;w; Stay safe with things like winter driving and enjoy any holidays you might be celebrating <3
Wahhh I got so many birthday wishes!! Thanks everyoneeee, you made my day very special! :iconryojidaisyplz::heart:
That's right, I'm back! :D I replaced my Laptop's power cord (thankfully before a fire started ^^;) And took a bit of extra time off to finish a costume.
That's it really XD. Time for a nap!
Hey everyone, just letting you  know that I'll be missing in action for a week or so until I can replace my computer's power cord, so I'll respond to messages then. ttyl :heart:
Just so everybody knows. I am alive. I haven't updated my journal since January, where I said I'm going M.I.A. for a while. I haven't been M.I.A. this whole time, I just never have anything to write journals about OTL
Hope we still cool yo :heart:3:heart: